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Gift Card Winner
9.28.2014 posted by Jade

I hope everyone enjoyed the scavenger hunt and I want to thank you for helping us celebrate our birthday!! Without the love and support of you guys we wouldn't still be around and kicking. Congratulations to our gift card winner, #87775E Bunny!

V2 Update
Urgh so my new internet is the slowest thing ever and has been making it harder for me to work on V2 because it will randomly decide to stop working or it'll move slower than dial up. I'm officially not a fan of satellite internet but it's still better than nothing. You can continue to keep up with the progress by clicking on the V2 tab on your right. Things are getting down slower than I would like them to but I'm still making strides.

9.22.2014 posted by Jade

Scavenger Hunt Banner

Our annual Scavenger Hunt runs September 25th - 26th. I've added about 50 new questions for those of you who have participated before so you will have some new stuff in the mix. The fun and games lasts all day so make sure you login and play!

One lucky player who logs into the game during these two days will win a $50 horse.com gift card. You must login both days in order to be eligible for the prize, your gift certificate code will be sent to your email.

Horse.com Gift Card

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