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Barn Road
4.21.2014 posted by Jade

They started trucking in the gravel for the barn road this weekend. The road is about half way finished and they've completed the leveling of the ground where the barn will go.

Barn road
View from the house down towards the barn

View from where the barn will go up to the house
View from the barn up towards the house

Barn Progress
4.18.2014 posted by Jade

So they started leveling the land where the barn will go. The weather has delayed building a bit so they should be raising the barn in the next week or two.

Leveling the ground where the barn will go

Horsetastic! Chicken Attack
4.15.2014 posted by Jade
Horsetastic! Chicken Attack

Hank's plans for decorating eggs this Easter are about to go horribly wrong. Read the latest comic right now!

Easter Egg Hunt

This is a friendly reminder that our annual Easter Egg hunt will start on April 24th and run until April 30th. If you see an Easter Egg remember what color it is and then click on it to claim your prize!

Barn Delivery
4.10.2014 posted by Jade

The barn materials have arrived. Hard to believe it's small enough to fit in our driveway before they put it all together. Hopefully they'll have the barn foundation work done this weekend so they can start raising it next week.

Barn materials in the driveway

Barn sitting in our driveway

Barn materials

Big pallets of wood for the barn

So heavy

Wow! One of the pallets weighs 3,620lbs!


The cupola goes on top of the barn and will provide proper ventilation in the loft.

Almost done clearing

They are almost done clearing the lot. There's still a bit more to clear on the right hand side towards the back of the property. If you look closely you can see the tracks from heavy machinery -- that's where the road down to the barn will go!

A Farm for White Oak Stables
4.8.2014 posted by Jade

Hey guys, I have some exciting news to share with you. I bought a small farm in the heart of Virginia horse country. White Oak Stables is going to be a real farm!! Our builder has almost finished clearing the land and is getting ready to start building a barn for my horses Erin and Abbott. The materials for the barn were delivered yesterday so I thought I would share the progress as the barn is being built. I hope you enjoy!

Starting to clear the land

Starting to clear the land

More clearing

More clearing

Lots more clearing

Lots more clearing

White Oak trees for White Oak Stables!

What would White Oak Stables be without some beautiful White Oak trees? We're keeping these huge ones here and a few more further back on the property.

Finished barn photoshop rendering

This is a photoshop rendering of what the barn should look like when it's done. I'll have a lot more photos for you as they start building the barn.

Version 2

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