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11.2.2015 posted by jade@design1online.com
Spooky Story

It was around six o'clock on Halloween. In an older farm house a little girl danced down the stairs to where her sister sat on the couch.

"Cassie! I'm a fairy princess!"

Cassie looked over at her sister. "Cool. Um, are you Tinker Bell?"

The fairy girl laughed. "No! I'm Mariposa!"

Cassie looked at her with wide eyes. "Of course you are! How silly of me! You look just like her."

Just then the girl's mother walked down the stairs. "Cass? Are you coming along?"

"No. None of my friends are going." Her mother shrugged and left with 'Mariposa'. Five minutes later, Cassie watched them drive down the street. She reached for her Horse Illustrated magazine on the nearby end table and started to read.

Suddenly the sky darkened. Cassie frowned and looked up. As she got up to flick on the light, a flash of white caught her eyes. She rushed over to the window and peered out. The wind moaned as it whipped through the trees. Cassie strained to see through the driving rain, as an eerie scream echoed through the windows and into, it seemed, her heart. There was a bright flash of lightning, illuminating a wild stallion. His mane and tail were flying, whipping against his pale grey coat. His most frightening features were his eyes. One was a ghostly blue, the other a deep brown. They seemed to hold Cassie captive. The horse had on a worn halter, and hanging from it was a frayed rope.

Cassie gasped and fell back from the window. When she could think straight, she rushed to the door and threw on her jacket. Wrenching the door open, she inhaled sharply as the combined forces of the wind, sleet, and cold hit her. Ignoring the tumultuous weather, Cassie dashed to the albino, who was as frightened as she. As Cassie approached the animal it reared and emitted a piercing shriek. Cassie stumbled back, slipping on the wet ground. Regaining her balance, she hummed softly to calm the stallion. Reaching out, she gathered the frayed line into her hands. As soon as she touched the lead, the frightened animal calmed, and the girl no longer felt the storm. Still humming, she led the horse into the old barn where her pony had lived. Cassie led the stallion into the sturdy stall and gave him hay and water. Then she shut the stall door and sat down in the aisle to watch him.

The next morning, Cassie woke up on the cement floor. Rubbing her eyes, she recounted what had happened the previous night. Quickly she jumped up and looked into the empty stall. Where she had placed the hay the previous evening, there was nothing! However, the door to the stall was slightly ajar. Cassie looked into the stall with astonishment. Looking into the vacant spot with bewilderment she asked, “Where did it go?"

Just then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw something on the stall floor. Picking it up, she saw it was the stallion's ragged halter.

You choose what really happened: Was it a real horse or was it the Hallow's Eve Phantom?

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Spooky Chat Party & Contests
10.5.2015 posted by Jade


I hope you guys are ready for Halloween for those of you that celebrate it. To kick off the month we have two contests and two chat parties! Show your fall spirit by participating in one, or all three :)

Sooky Story Contest

Write a spooky story or poem and email it to me by the 28th. The scariest submission will win a $25 gift card to horse.com and their work will be featured on the front page of the game on October 30th!

Costume Contest

Submit a photo of your horse (or any other pet!!!) dressed up in a halloween costume. Email photos of your entries to me by the 28th. In order for your entry to count you must have a sign or your account ID numbers on your pet in the photo so we can make sure you didn't pull the photo off of the internet. The best costume will get a $50 horse.com gift certificate and your photo will be featured on the front page of the game on October 30th!

Chat Party: October 30th at 9pm GT

Scavenger Hunt Lottery Winners
9.29.2015 posted by Jade

Thank you to everyone who made our Scavenger Hunt a huge success! We had a lot of participation and a lot of members earned some lottery tickets which I completely forgot to mention in my previous post. So, lottery tickets are used in our drawing to pick a special winner. Usually they reset every year but since we didn't do a lottery drawing last year I didn't reset them. Our official winners are below, you have a choice of returning one of your retired horse to the game or reverting one of your horses back to a newborn foal. Congratulations to both of you please email me to claim your prize!

English Register: #304721 Horselovergirl

Racing Register: #39089 TRC
Our 14th Birthday!
9.17.2015 posted by Jade
Scavenger Hunt
It's that time of year again :) To celebrate we'll be kicking off our annual Scavenger Hunt on September 25th. You'll be asked to answer questions and find things around the website in exchange for free game money and neat other prizes.
Sketch Mode
8.24.2015 posted by Jade
Sketch Mode From today until the 31st you'll notice an interesting new option on your horse's pictures to turn on sketch mode! Sketch mode will remove your horse's shadows and highlights from their breed images so they look more like sketches. If you want to change your horse's pictures then you better change them before the first of September!

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