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Server Upgraded Successfully
2.22.2017 posted by jade@design1online.com
Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that the server has been successfully upgraded to a bigger and faster server with more CPU, RAM and disk space. Hopefully this will fix a lot of the issues we have been having with the CRON not running at night and the new shows not being created like they are supposed to. If you notice any big issues (horse photos are still missing right now) please email me and let me know. I took a backup before I upgraded us so I can restore it if anything is missing. Thanks!!
Server Memory Issues
2.19.2017 posted by jade@design1online.com
Hey guys, we've been having issues with the server lately because we're running out of disk space on the server we are currently using. That's one of the reasons that shows haven't been running consistently or have been hanging up at night. So, I'm going to upgrade us to a larger server on Wednesday 22nd. That will mean the game will be down for some or all of the day during the server change. You wll also notice that your pictures on your horses may be missing - this is because I've removed them for now to make sure the server has enough space to keep running until wednesday. I will have the game re-generate them after we move to the bigger server. Thanks for your patience and understanding!
Email Not Working Again
1.19.2017 posted by jade@design1online.com
Hey guys, my email has not been working again so I'm going to give out my personal email until it does. If you need to contact me you can use jadendreamer13@gmail.com.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while I've been really busy at work and trying to find a new job again. I'm hoping things will settle down soon. In the meantime, I've fixed some shows and races that were stuck on December 31st and I have a new feature coming for the racing register that will allow you to reset your brand. I should have that up sometime today.
Hello Stranger
9.23.2016 posted by jade@design1online.com
Wow, I can't believe it's been 3 months since I last wrote a newspaper post! So I wanted to fill you all in on my brief haitus. At the end of June I found out that my company was closing down our building and asking us to move to a new state. Which of course meant that I had to find a new job ASAP because I had no intentions of selling the new farm I bought recently. At the same time I got an assignment at work that was 10 weeks of working with another company which meant I was away more and had longer days than normal (I'm talking some days with a 5 hour commute!!!!). On top of that and looking for a new job my computer is broken (mousepad is stuck in right click mode), one of our servers is being email bombed and I had to shut down the email service completely, and I haven't been able to use anything other than my phone which is horrible for trying to update this newspaper on our servers. Long story short, I've found a new job and things are starting to settle down in my crazy schedule and I'll have enough money for a new laptop soon. That being said, I'm sorry for the delay in email responses and I'm working my way through them over the next few days. We had a few weeks where PayPal was not creating upgrades properly so if you paid for an upgrade and it has not appeared on your account please let me know so I can get that corrected or refund your money if you'd like a refund instead.
Contest Results
6.27.2016 posted by jade@design1online.com
Hey guys, I'm sorry these are late things have been crazy at work lately and I've just had no time to update anything. The contest winner is

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