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New Newspaper Managers
1.24.2015 posted by Jade

Congratulations to #13548R Another Chance Training and #63562E Candy Apple for being picked as the new newspaper managers. If you're interested in writing for the game newspapers then please contact these members. New managers, please check the email address you use on those accounts for your new login information.

Special Shows and Races
1.18.2015 posted by Jade

I've had reports of problems with special races and shows. These problems have been fixed as of today. English shows are scheduled for the 21st and Racing's Brolin Cup will run on the 28th. If you notice any other problems with either game please email jade@design1online.com and I will take a look at them ASAP.

Baling Twine Challenge
1.13.2015 posted by Jade
Baling Twine Challenge

So if you guys have a horse, or you spend lots of time around a barn, then you know that you end up with TONS of baling twine as your horses eat their way through their winter hay. I thought it would be fun to see if we could come up with as many different useful things to do with the baling twine as we could. I've made a message board thread in English and Racing General sections. If you're feeling generous post a good idea of how you can use that left over twine so that it doesn't go to waste.

Newspaper Manager Reminder!
(Due by Janurary 19th)

The manager is responsible for posting new articles until we open Version 2 where anyone will be able to submit news articles. If you want to be the manager please fill out this application.

Don't Let Winter Blues Get You Down!
1.9.2015 posted by Jade

I know it's winter time now and that can make riding tough. But it doesn't mean you can't go to the barn and have fun with your favorite four legged friend. Try some of these games and exercises somewhere in the barn where you'll have enough room.

Teach Your Horse to Bow
Take one of your horse's favorite treats and put it under it's chest just out of reach. Your horse will bow it's head and try to get the treat. Do this a few times until it has the idea to put it's head down when you touch it. Now put the treat further back. Your horse will have to put one leg further forwards and bow it's head in order to reach the treat that you now have slightly underneath it's chest. Repeat this until your horse will put it's leg forward and lower it's head just when you touch his chest. Congrats! You've taught your horse how to bow.

Lateral Neck Stretching Exercises
Get a friend to hold your horse (or tie it) so that it can't move around a whole lot. Now take a treat and go to stand by your horse's shoulder. Try to get your horse to reach around for the treat without turning it's whole body. This will stretch it's neck and the muscles in it's shoulder. When your horse is reaching out as far as he can give him the treat and try the other side. Repeat.

Lengthening Neck Stretching Exercises
Stand at front of your horse but off to the side so it can't hit you with it's head. Now take a treat and place it between it's front legs near it's chest. Slower lower your arm to towards the ground. Your horse will lower it's head to try and get the treat. Lower your hand until your horse's head is almost near the ground then slowly pull it out in front of your horse's face so it's head is closer to parallel with it's wither. Stretch your hand out so your horse has to reach out and try to grab the treat. Give it him he he's stretched the whole way. Repeat. This exercise stretches the muscles in your horse's neck and back.

Leg Yields From The Ground
Just because you can't be in the saddle doesn't mean you can't work on your leg yields. Put your horse's favorite treats in your pocket and then stand beside your horse as if you were going to mount. Take one palm of your hand and press your horse's side where you would put your leg if you were mounted and sitting in your saddle. When your horse moves away from the pressure give them a treat. Repeat. This teaches your horse to better understand your aids and rewards him for doing what you want.

Email Trouble Again & Newspaper Managers
1.5.2015 posted by Jade

Hey guys, it looks like my email is hosed again. The last email I got was December 14th so if you've sent anything recently or are trying to claim your prizes for the 30 Days of Giving please re-send your email to jade@design1online.com until I can get it sorted out again. Sorry for the inconvenience, getting new servers setup always has it's challenges.

Interested In Being The Newspaper Manager? (Due by Janurary 19th)
The manager is responsible for posting new articles until we open Version 2 where anyone will be able to submit news articles. If you want to be the manager please fill out this application.

Version 2

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