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Spooky Chat Party & Contests
10.5.2015 posted by Jade

I hope you guys are ready for Halloween for those of you that celebrate it. To kick off the month we have two contests and two chat parties! Show your fall spirit by participating in one, or all three :)

Sooky Story Contest

Write a spooky story or poem and email it to me by the 28th. The scariest submission will win a $25 gift card to horse.com and their work will be featured on the front page of the game on October 30th!

Costume Contest

Submit a photo of your horse (or any other pet!!!) dressed up in a halloween costume. Email photos of your entries to me by the 28th. In order for your entry to count you must have a sign or your account ID numbers on your pet in the photo so we can make sure you didn't pull the photo off of the internet. The best costume will get a $50 horse.com gift certificate and your photo will be featured on the front page of the game on October 30th!

Chat Party: October 30th at 9pm GT

Scavenger Hunt Lottery Winners
9.29.2015 posted by Jade

Thank you to everyone who made our Scavenger Hunt a huge success! We had a lot of participation and a lot of members earned some lottery tickets which I completely forgot to mention in my previous post. So, lottery tickets are used in our drawing to pick a special winner. Usually they reset every year but since we didn't do a lottery drawing last year I didn't reset them. Our official winners are below, you have a choice of returning one of your retired horse to the game or reverting one of your horses back to a newborn foal. Congratulations to both of you please email me to claim your prize!

English Register: #304721 Horselovergirl

Racing Register: #39089 TRC
Our 14th Birthday!
9.17.2015 posted by Jade
Scavenger Hunt
It's that time of year again :) To celebrate we'll be kicking off our annual Scavenger Hunt on September 25th. You'll be asked to answer questions and find things around the website in exchange for free game money and neat other prizes.
Sketch Mode
8.24.2015 posted by Jade
Sketch Mode From today until the 31st you'll notice an interesting new option on your horse's pictures to turn on sketch mode! Sketch mode will remove your horse's shadows and highlights from their breed images so they look more like sketches. If you want to change your horse's pictures then you better change them before the first of September!
Terms of Service & Rules Alert!
8.11.2015 posted by Jade

First order of business, please take time today to review our Terms of Service and Rules. It has come to my attention that members have recently been creating accounts just to take the money off of them. ANY PLAYER FOUND DOING THIS will be penalized or have all of their accounts banned. Cheating is not tolerated on this game because it ruins the fun for everyone. If you've having trouble making money on the game try popping into the chat room or forums and talking with some of the older game players to see what tips and suggestions they have for you to increase your bank accounts. Again, CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED so let's please everyone play nice and fair.

Next item is that you MAY NOT ASK FOR ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION from another player on the game. That includes your name, where you live, what school you go to, landmarks near your home, telephone numbers, etc. If anyone asks you for any of your personal information you need to first notify your parent/guardian and then report that player to me ASAP. Players asking for personal information are immediately banned from the game. Safety is a top priority in White Oak Stables and no one should be asking you for any personal information. It is for your own protection that you DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION.

Last but not least, please remember you must respect copyright laws and not use photos/drawings that do not belong to you without permission from the owner or a valid license to use the image. I've provided links to some websites with free images/graphics that you can use on the forums that are safe for you to use. If you're in doubt about any other images please do not use them. Asking someone to use their photo is quick and easy and most people will say yes if you ask them first so please be respectful of other people's work and don't use it without their permission.

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