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Server Outage
9.11.2014 posted by Jade

Hey guys I want to apologize for the downtime we experienced yesterday. Our servers crashed and I had to give them a big ole kick to the backside to get them working again. Chat was also down most of the day because I forgot to restart that to, doh! Chat is back up and running.

V2 Progress
So I said I would keep you updated by posting completed percentages on the Version 2 tab but I thought you guys would appreciate being able to see what I've been working on as well. This week I nearly completed the new journal. On V2 you will be able to rate and comment on entries if the journal owner has made those features available. Journal owners can delete comments on their entries as well as make the entry private or set it so that only the players on your friends list can read specific entries. One of the coolest new features is our autosave that will save your work every two minutes so if you close your browser window or you logout you won't loose everything you did!

Back to School Time :(
9.8.2014 posted by Jade

Scavenger Hunt Banner

I know many of you have gone back to school. Remember that your school work is more important than playing White Oak Stables everyone day (gasp, yes I know hard to believe!). For those of you who have time to juggle your school work and White Oak Stables you'll be happy to know that White Oak Stables is about to turn 13 years old!!! To celebrate our 13th Birthday we'll be having our annual Scavenger Hunt on September 25th - 26th. There will be games and fun all day long so make sure you login to play. In addition one lucky player who logs into the game during these two days will win a $50 horse.com gift card.

Version 2

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