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White Oak Stables | Realistic Horse Game

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do horses die on this game?

A: Yes and No. See they don’t die as in never exist anymore, but if your horses are not taken care of their status will be “dying”. As they get sicker other members have the option to rescue them, and they will be removed from your account without your permission. This is usually at 18% health and 0 to negative amounts of food.

Q: Can I harass them to get my horse back?

A: No, at no time can you harass another member to get your horses back, whether they were rescued or sold. The horse now does not belong to you, you have no say in its upbringing.

Q: How do I get stables?

A: Go to the main menu > upgrade. You can choose from four different stable plans depending upon your budget. As a stable owner you also get other benefits that regular members don't get. They too are listed under this section. Small to Large stables last forever while Blue Ribbon stables must be upgraded yearly but their benefits are vaster then the other stables.

Q: How do I buy a horse?

A: Go to your account > buy a horse to create your own horse. You can also get a horse by going to main menu > horses and search for horses at sale of auction. Prices change from breed and rank of horses.

Q: Can I put pictures on my horse?

A: You must have an upgraded account to put pictures on the horse yourself, there are plenty of members willing to put pictures on un-upgraded account’s horses but its safer just to upgrade.

Q: I heard we can’t have more then one account, is this true?

A: Actually the more accounts (preferably upgraded accounts) you own the better, because the more upgrades Jade gets the more money she has to fund and keep White Oak Stables going.

Q: I heard that we aren’t allowed to fill our own stable shows is this true?

A: Its not illegal to fill your own stable shows, do not discourage other members from entering by sending them threatening messages. You can have your account frozen or banned if you're caught doing this.

Q: Can I use HTML on my account page?

A: Yes. You may use html and css on your pages.

Q: How do I change my page?

A: You can change your page by going to your account > settings.

Q: When will my foal be born?

A: It takes a foal 3-4 real life days before it is born. How many days are left will be listed on the top of your account page along with how many foals your account is expecting. If your foal isn't born in this time you will be notified of its death. While your mare is pregnant you must log onto your account everyday.

Q: When do horses retire?

A: A horse can retire as early as the age of 20. When a horse turns 20 you will have the option 1 day that week to retire him. If you do not retire him on that day the retire option will disappear until the horse turns 21, 22, 23, 24 and then finally 25. The retire option will always appear on a horse's page after its turned 25. Horses can no longer show by age 25. If you do not retire your horse when it turns 25 then it will live to age 40 before it dies.

Q: Don't see your question on here?

A: For answers to questions like “ how do i breed, how do i feed, how do i show, how do i fix my horse when its health is low?” read the members guide.