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White Oak Stables | Realistic Horse Game


You can find most of the answers to your questions on this page or on our HelpWiki Please only email as a last resort or if you have an upgrade/payment related question.

Lost Login -- you can use the lost password link to have your password sent to the email you entered when you joined. If your login information doesn't come to you or it comes to you and its blank then please contact

Bank Problems -- you can only go to the bank every 7 days. If you have over $500,000 in your account then the bank won't give you any more money, even if you are an upgraded (paid) member.

Account Page Problems -- you can't see the text or html that you wanted then you need to reset your account page. Login and go to main menu > help.

Stable Page Problems -- you can't see the text or html that you wanted then you need to reset your stable page. Login and go to main menu > help.

Horse Picture or Page Problems -- can't see the information on one of your horses then you need to reset the picture or page on your horse. Login and go to main menu > help.

Horse Name Problems -- can't see the name on your horse in the horse's list then you need to reset your horse's name. Login and go to main menu > help.

Away Account Won't Turn Off -- if your account is stuck on the away feature then login and come back to this page and click the link below to turn it off.

Money Missing -- there are several reasons you could be missing money. Money is automatically subtracted from your account when you buy something on the game. If you bid on a horse for auction and won your bid then the money will automatically be subtracted from your account. The game keeps a running total of where all your money goes, go to the bank > transaction history. Your history information is deleted every three days, so make sure to check it as soon as possible.

Foal Not Born -- foals usually take 3-4 days to arrive after you've bred two horses together. If you forget to login after you breed two of your horses then the foal will die. Sometimes foals die when they're born also, and thats from a birth defect.

Retire A Horse -- when your horse turns 25 it will be too old to show or breed. A retire button will appear on your horse's page once a week when they turn 20, and will stay on the page when they turn 25. There are two options when you retire your horse. If you want to retire a horse before that you can go to the vet and select early retirement. If you retire a horse early your member rating will drop 25 points.