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Breeding Plans
July 27, 2010 10:22:48 AM

1st Generation Generations

La Blanca Angele x El Blanco Diablo
Dios Mios/Rosalynn

Zippin N Tool Time x The Ultimate Fancy
Too Tuf To Zip/ Tuf Tool

Glorianna Belladonna x Yaslana Sa Diablo
Andulvar Yaslana/Surreal Sa Diablo

Midnight Dancer x Ravenar
Raven's Dance/ Midnight Eyes

Water Wings x Creep
Creep Along/ Dragon Fly

Contest Filly x Contest Colt
??/ ??

Midnight Stalker x Silver Starlight
Starbrite/ Silver Stake

Shadow Dance x Snowmass Thunder
Rain Dance/ Thunder Lord

Shadow Walker x Snowmass Knight
Dark Knight/ Snow Walker

Irony in Gluttony x Seven Deadly Sins
Pride/ Murder

2nd Generation Breedings

Dios Mios/ Rosalynn x Creep Along/ Dragon Fly

Andulvar Yaslana/ Surreal Sa Diablo x Pride/ Murder

Rain Dance/Thunder Lord x Dark Knight/Snow Walker

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