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Layout Contest Criteria
January 20, 2006 10:42:57 PM

As a new stable owner, I need a layout for this account. I'm holding a layout contest for the next three weeks. The prize is 500k with this criteria:
1. Top Picture must have a collage of any color/event of TB, Connemara, Welsh, Arab, blanket POA, and Hano w/ same background as bars.
2. Any shade of medium green as background of pictures and bars (maybe rolling green pastures or forest?) with white, black, OR dark green writing
(not all three, just one);
3. Each bar may, but does not have to have horses;
4. Each bar must be the same picture, but words on each bar can be different places;
5. Use same font for each bar and capitalization is not necessary (but may be a deciding factor);
6. Bars must not be more than one inch tall when put on screen/page;
7. Bars must go in this order: Breedings, New Arrivals,
Services, Updates, Friends, About Me

An additional 100k will be awarded to the winner if a scroll picture is provided for top picture of layout. Picture must have same background as bars, but horses are a must. Use any color TB, Arab, Connemara, blanket POA, Welsh, and Hano in a beautiful collage. Make sure scroll does not cover any horse head, and make scroll background a faded white (to read the text easier).
Scroll must be 200 width and 300 heighth on left side of picture.

Winning entry receives 500k (600k if top pic has scroll). Other entries will receive 25k for work done. Contest ends Friday, January 27. Rewards will be given on or before Friday, February 3. Send html layout on an html practiceboard via GM. Or you can catch me on chat as WeirdEmpAmy or Amester.

I've received five entries with one on the way. There's still one more week to enter!
Contest ends January 27 just before dailies!

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