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Jackie's Journal

Tack Ratings & Tips!
June 11, 2010 12:49:12 PM

For Upgraded Members:

Saddle - 25
Pad - 19
Bridle - 17
Girth - 16
Halter - 15
Bit - 15
Crop - 5

For Non-Upgraded Members:

Saddle - 11
Pad - 10
Bridle - 12
Girth - 10
Halter - 10
Bit - 10
Crop - 5


Go to Your Account > Tack Room > Visit the Tack Store, or Main Menu > Tack Store.

Using the ranks above, locate the top rated tack, type in the selected number of that tack in the little box, and press 'Add Items to Cart' at the bottom of the page. Then, go to 'View Shopping Cart', double check the items in it, and click 'Check Out'. (I like to get about 10-15 pieces of each piece of tack so I don't have to go back later and do it for new horses I purchase/breed. But it also depends on your budget. Don't make yourself go broke buying tack!)

** Under the store specials (and I'm not sure if this is for basic members or just upgraded), where a lot of the top rated tack can be found, keep refreshing your browser until something pops up. Then add it (or several of them) to your cart. Make sure you check out right then, otherwise if you keep refreshing, it will keep adding that same tack to your cart, and you'll end up deleting 100 pieces of tack you don't need from it. :)

If you need any further help, feel free to GM me with questions!

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