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Credit Founding
February 15, 2009 01:28:40 PM

What does it mean to Credit Found a horse?

Credit Founding, often abbreviated as "CF" simply means creating, or founding, a new horse using credits instead of money.

Why would you want to credit found a horse?

  • Credit founded horses generally have smaller grade gaps and move up to olympic level faster than other horses. Because they get to higher grades faster where the point rewards are higher, they rank up faster.

  • Not only do horses move up faster but you can create a horse that will be olympic when it turns 4. Skip all the lower levels all together

  • Many of the newer breeds are very expensive to found on WOS and might be unaffordable. Using credits saves a lot of money.

  • Top 10 Awards! The top 10 talent list is almost exclusively horses that have been credit founded. There's no reward other than a little image every month on your awards page, but those are fun and good for bragging rights.

Who can credit found horses?

Anyone that has enough (at least 5) game credits. It is not restricted to stable members.

How many credits does it cost?

  • C Circuit: 5 credits
  • B Circuit: 15 credits
  • A Circuit: 25 credits
  • Grand Prix: 50 credits
  • Olympic: 75 credits

Unfortunately, you will get the highest circuit that you have credits for.
If you have 75 credits and want to found 3 A Circuit horses, you won't be able to -- the first horse you found will be Olympic.

A good way around this is to turn in 1 credit to the bank for cash. (Do this by clicking bank on your account page). That way if you have 75 credits and want more than 1 horse, you can turn a credit in so you have 74 credits. Now your first horse will be Grand Prix (which costs 50 credits) because that is the highest you can afford. 74 - 50 (for the grand prix horse) leaves you with 24 credits, and now you can found a B circuit and a C Circuit. It isn't the best because you have a C, B, and a Grand Prix, and not 3 As, but it's the only way to avoid getting 1 olympic horse.

How do you get game credits?

Game credits are awarded randomly for playing the game. Things like grooming, entering shows, posting on the message board, etc. will get you credits. The game will say "Congratulations! You got a game credit!" Any newspaper article you submit that gets used will also gain you 2 credits. Newspaper credits take a few days to be given out, so be patient.

Can I give a friend my credits?

It is not possible to transfer credits between accounts. You cannot save up credits and recieve the special prize (see "help" listed next to the total credits you have on your acout page) across multiple pages, you cannot give a friend credits. You can have someone credit found you a horse on their account and sell it to you, however.

How do I know how many credits I have?

On your account page in the top right corner underneith your name and how much money you have. It only tells you your credits on your account page, and not any other game pages.

Ok, so how do I credit found a horse?

Credit founding a horse is easy, just go to your account page and click buy a horse (the same as you would to found/create a horse normally). Pick out everything you want the horse to be. Remember if you create a 2 year old, it will still be training circuit until it turns 4, no matter how many credits you spend on it. After it's first show, the value will be higher than a normal founded horse.

It is recommended you get 100 points when you credit found, because they don't cost you any money. Normal founding I suggest against getting 100 points because they are easily gained through showing and not worth the $10,000 they cost. Buying rank on either a credit founded or a regular founded is completely worthless because you still have to gain the points for the horse to move up in rank.

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