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Welcome To Blossoming Rescue!

About Me
I'm 13, my name is Nikki. I compete in lvl 7 competitive gymnastics. I've been doing gymnastics since I was 6, and competing in Lvl's 1,3,4,6,Rec. Op., and 7 since I was 8. It's a lot of fun, and sadly, I'll probably quit by the time i'm 15 or 16 due to permanant injuries from the sport.
I have 2 sisters, Megan and Kate, For some reason I'm the oldest and their BOTH taller than me...Hmmm. I also 3 dogs: Champ is a 14 year old Chow/Lab mix, Daisy is a 7 year old Pittbull mix, and Bouncer is a 1 1/2 year old Doberman/Australian Shepherd mix. 1 cat: Snowball is a 15 year old White, Tabby/Rex shorthair mix. And a tank full of fish.
I don't ride, but I'm homeschooled. The cool part about being homeschooled is on Thursdays from 9:30 - 3:30, I go to a Fine Arts Program. We do Orchestra, Choir, and Drama! Our cheesecake theatre was soo successfull last week, we're performing several of our skits (That our talented Interns wrote and directed) are re-performing at SEVERAL (5-8) different Youth Groups, Colleges, Schools, and Churches. Orchestra is awesome too! Our advanced Orchestra (Along with Advanced Choir-me!) has performed on the radio several times also! 2 Years ago each member of our Advanced Orchestra got scholarships.... Well here I am jabbing about my Homeschool Program. Sorry If I sound like I'm bragging, I'm just really excited.

I auction because i'm weary of slaughter houses, i've already lost many horses, and i'm NOT going to lose any more. Breeding is simple, your mare/stallion CAN be in-bred, but not overbred. Msg me before breeding so we can talk about price.

No Horses Available

I have my own private little organization I like to call Blossoming Life, It's just me and I rescue horses in dire need. If you know a horse that needs to be rescued or are interested in giving me horses you can no longer care for. MSG me.

Black Gold

xx Rules
= i do rescue horses
= i do help new players
= i do make friends
= i don't steal
= i don't hack
= i don't cheat

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