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...Sharrinton Greens...


.12.30.o4 Wow... its been 4 months again. All my horses are gone, so I just bought this one. I forgot how much I loved this game. I just wish I had more time. Everyone I was friends with probaly don't remember me... so it is now time for me to set forth into this world and start a new... and hopefully not stop again.

.08.31.04. Wow, its been 4 months but i've returned! Again... anyways, I found my horses almost dead -gasp- and most of them are retirable... actually all of them can be retired soon, so i'll just run them until their day and start a fresh. I've gotten back into this internet thing again... started playing HL again and such as well as roleplaying lots! But lets see how long I can stick with this...


.autumn wind. -eventing
.milamores. -training in dressage
.satire grand. -training in dressage
.sita. -training in dressage


..darkness is the sign of life.. me mori facias..

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