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I am an old timer who recently returned to WOS.  I have been playing WOSe on and off for 6 years... time flys.  I am now finishing up in college majoring in Zoology (Pre-vet) and minoring in Chemistry. 

I not only play with WOSe horses but I also have my own horse.  We currently compete at the novice level in eventing but are expecting to move up to Training level in May.  

I don't bite.  If you need help or have any questions I would be happy to help.  I do not tolerate rude behavior though. 

Well If you Havent noticed I AM BACK!! Yeah!!

I have 2 credit founded Spanish-Norman horses.  Play Time seems to be doing very well in the show ring!

Play Time: Spanish-Norman: Credit Founded 

Rising Twilight: Kiger Mustang: Lined

Stallions/ Colts
Conleth: Spanish-Norman: Credit Founded

Disorted Humor: Australian Stock Horse: Founded Parents

Duncan: Anglo-Arab: Lined

I am pretty picky about who my horses are bred to for multiple reasons.  Currently none of my horses are being bred. 


I have tons and tons of absolutly wonderful friends on WOS all that deserve a special thank you!

Barnrat, Alk, DMP, Inky, Goaty, Flygia, Dusty, Dressy, Bo, Hopey, Vampy,Cappy,Sara, Steppy, MBF, Antagonista, Crickett, Ptchkaa, Nemo, Rescuegrl

Not very many of these people play anymore, but I feel they should be remembered! 





Dilly Dally :D by ~Rescuegrl on deviantART

Thanks Resc!!

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