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Well here, we wil lbe improving the thoroughbred breed. We will buy tbs from international auction, found a few, and buy a few from english.

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We have 1 horse, and manymore to come :) The key is for us and you to know were the horse is from. it is the first word in the {-}.

F = Founded
IA = International Auction
EA = Engish Auction

Name: Gender: Points Rank Pedigree Sale Foals
Highlander Stalloin 1,724 18 English Auction No 0/3
none none none none none none none

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Breeding Rules:
1. No inbreed/overbreed line.
2. To trusted breeders only!
3. No horses lower ranked than the horse that is being breed to.
4. You must show your horse at least 3 times a week
5. Your horse may not be poor or less than poor condition.
6. You must have patients! i will be watching your account for 3 days before a breeding!
7. Mares - 3 foals max. Stallions - 5 foals max. (goes along with overbred)
8. For Stallions only- must have a set time for a breeding. i dont want bad horses breeding to him! must be within 10 min. I can meet on chat, or aim.
9. No begging
10. I will not lower fees for breedings! you must pay the full price! i worked my butt of for these horses, i desiver he money.

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No sales right now, but we will train the horses and sell them off if there suitable.

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