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I have a bunch, but most of them have been "leased" out to my friends.

Moore #9939||Horseshoe's Hanos #8374|| Vendetta #97|| Wonderland #3373 (co-owned with Casey #1839)


Ok so most people have this little rant and rave about not adding them as a friend. Here is mine. Personally I don't care if you add me. It's not like I will ever know. It's not a matter of life and death, it's fairly low on my list HOLYCOWBIGDEALS. Some people claim OMGTHEYWILLKNOWIMONLINE, ok so if they click on members and search who is online, what is the difference? Honestly some people like to be drama queens, and any attempt they have to be rude/mean they take it. Go ahead add me as a friend, I honestly don't care. =)


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