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Hello, it's me OkieGirl, tho you may call me Sierra. I have been playing WOS for about 2 years now so I pretty much know the loops feel free to GM me if you need any help. In real life I own 3 horses, I ride and show both english & western in a wide range of events. On wos I am a owner/breeder of Holsteiners, I am trying to help out this breed as much as possible. I am also over Holsteiners and Chincoteague Ponies for the Rare Breeds Association #24275. Please check out my other accounts #9411 and #20840. I have had to raise my prices on my Personal pics and layouts, I hope you all will understand. I make pics for 10,000 each, bar layouts for 40,000 each, and text box layouts for 50,000 each, I do have examples but you will need to GM me for them, if you would like a pic/layout please GM me and state who you would like to make the pic/layout, will ALL your info.
Retired horses as of 11-8-05
  • Okie's Passing Through Spain, Grand Pix 65, Rank 61, 11-8-05
  • Okie's Always A Stranger, B 15, Rank 74, 1-29-06
  • Okie's Sweet Decadence, B 11, Rank 96, 1-31-06
  • OAF Loco Coco, B 18, Rank 143, 3-2-06
  • OAF Hot Coco, B 18, Rank 130, 3-8-06


Hello everyone! People always have such extravagent pages with all sorts of information on it, so here's our try =P. My name is Marie, but on the game I am known as Dusty. I can't really think of much else to say right now. You will see me chat practically ALL the time lol. Hmm *ponders on what to say* I am aware that a LOT of people visit this page (we have a counter) and it makes me very happy.


My Services, well I do...

  • Pics: If you want a pic you need to GM this account with absolutely all the info for it. Please allow a couple weeks for pictures to be done, I have a very busy life and school is really drowning me.
    My pics cost 150k EACH, yes that's right, 150k each. I am very aware that it's a high price and I know my pics aren't professional, but they are good SIM pics. If you want examples they are here Picture Examples (don't worry it will open a new window). I will NOT take orders for more than one pic at a time from the same person. It keeps me occupied too long, If you want more than one, you order them seperatly, after i finished the preceding one

  • Founding + Showing (some people call it training). What happens is you GM me with what breed and gender you want your founded (2years old, 0 rank, 0 points). I will found it and show it 3 times, it will get nothing other than SC and maybe BIS (don't worry). Then I will tell you when it's ready and you'll send me 100k and I send you your foundy. So incase you didn't get it, it costs 100k per foalie. I do ask that if you ever make it a pic, could the pic mention that it is founded by Dusty? Thanks.
Well I'm done lol
Seeya!! and enjoy your stay xD

Thanks Alix!

Thanks AA! =D

Annie's Esquive Memory

Lined Cleveland Bay Stallion out of personal lines, founded mother. Very clean lines
T Grade rank 69

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Cleverdown Shame

Lined Cleveland Bay Stallion out of personal lines, founded mother. Very clean lines.
T Grade rank 59

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Rocky Tango

Lined POA mare
B Grade 12, Rank 45

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