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Hey, this is Run To Me Stables, run by Whisper. I don't really have a specific breed to specialize in, but rather, multiple breeds to do so.
  I'm not a breeding nazi by any stretch of the imagination, and I'm pretty chill when it comes to public breedings; just shoot me a gm if you want to breed to one of my horses, and I'll probably accept. Have a great day!
I have a few other accounts: 18097, 33701, 202804, and a joint account with Lambda, 226903. I have horses on 18097 and 33701 right now. They'er also for stud/breeding, too :)


Update 9-2-16

I made this profile in 2005. That was 11 years ago. I am old and now I am sad...

I love you guys. If anyone who I use to play with is still around... HI!

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