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Ok, here's my new layout. Hope u guys like it!

If I have any horses 4 sale or auction, plz take a look at them coz it might be the horse ur lookiní 4! Also, I have a rank 113, 118 & 116 Hano Stally's up for breeding for $200,000 and $100,000. Plz contact me FIRST coz I donít wonít them over bred. If itís too high, I might be able to arrange something. I also would like 2 book a stud request with any 1 who has high ranked hano mareís coz I got none. Preferably over rank 150. Plz contact me if uíre willing to breed ur mare with my stally.

Hi there! Iím Bree, a Aussie 12 yr old chik, also known as Baby Blue Bash. I have blue eyes and Iím a brunet. I donít have a horse but I do horse riding. On WOS, I breed and show hanoís and Iím trying 2 get high ranks so if u have some 4 sale, plz gm me! Anyway, I can do layouts 4 u. I can put in music, background, dolls but I canít put in pic of horses. (I don't have Stables yet, but i will eventually. lol) But my friend, Mythical ranch can. I can also do coloured writing, bold, underlined and italic . Some of my friends include, RustyChik, Haunted Ranch/Mythical Ranch, Bridie, Barnrat, Mythical Winds, Savista 30, Sapphire Horse, Wilmetta, Sacred lakes and more. I luv this game so much and I just want 2 say a huge thanx 2 Jade 4 making this game coz itís great! lol

Iíd like to the RustyChik for giving me all of this and giving me a huge head start on this game. Thanx 4 teaching how 2 do things on here and stuff. So thanx, Iíll name one of my horses after u! (when I get a mare or filly, when eva that will beÖ lol J ) Luv Baby Blue.

These are my notes so i don't 4get things. It would be really handy to get a notepad on this... lol. U guys don't need to read this.

Mare rank + Stally rank = ______ divide be three and u get foal rank.

Train with %50, 30 min, back, rope halter.

Sponsering three horses on Sapphire Rescue. Missy, Roxy and Rosie. Must pay $3,000 a week.

RustyGurl 8731, Bridie 12836, RustyChik 10011, Mythical Winds 12235, Barn Rat , Wilmetta 1673, Savista 30 , Sapphire Horse 9508,

2 have Italic= <(I)> <(/I)>

2 have underlined= <(u)> <(/u)>

2 have Bold= <(b)> <(/b)>)

New Paragraph= <(p)>

To Have a line through the word= <(s)> <(/s)>

2 write in colour- <(font color= (Have colour here))> (Type text Here) No spaces when typing what colour u want.

2 change your name on chat- (/n)

2 make u character do something- (/a)

to copy stuff- Ctrl+ C.

2 insert stuff that uíve just copied- Shift+Insert.

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