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No, not really. Life is crazy right now. Its winter break so I can come on everyday, yay! <3 Angel

Here at Legendary Farms, we mainly focus on helping out horses that need some help like low ranking horses. I (Kaylee) tend to work more with Thoroughbreds and Angel works with Shagya Arabians. Currently we dont have project but id like to have one once some of these Thoroughbreds retire or sell if i decide to but any up for sale.

The Girls

Names Kaylee, I live in Wisconsin with my mom dad and annoying sister Abby. We have a small horse farm with 6 horses. Jacks (my Quarter horse gelding, who is being leased out to my friend), Ransom (my 16.2. black Thoroughbred gelding who i do eventing with), Lexus (my moms rescued Belgian mare), Taffy (my sisters POA, who is for sale!), Raven (my sisters 1yr old Paint gelding project), and Missy (super old Quarter Horse mare). I train with Tracy.. she owns Serenity Farm. The end!

Angel Toots
I have a paint mare named Izzy, she is 15.3hh. We jump a little, do a little dressage and show a tad. I ride horses around my town, and bathe and all that good stuff.


Sept. 11th 05- Hey At lol I dont have anything to really say just wanted to delete all those old updates.
Sept. 15th 05- Ok At we need to buy all new tack the other stuff was deleted. I will be online tonight to do it.

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