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This Is one of my many accounts, I'm Shadzie, a 22 year old Aussie, i do not own a real horse anymore, My lifestyle simply doesn't allow for it.

I do own a Cockatiel Named Sariya and A Jack Russell X Chihuahua puppy, although she won't be a puppy for much longer.

RIP Paulie, 13 year old Cockatiel 

RIP Skippa, 12 year old Jack Russell

This account Specializes in Belgian Warmbloods and Bashkir Curlies, I'm hoping to improve the breed. i am aiming to get them to Rank 70+- 100+ not Sure if i could get founded to R100 again, but theres no harm in trying

None of the horses on this account are currently for sale and I will not be doing outside breedings. No exceptions.

Except Of course for CandyFloss my Breeding Partner for the breeds.

Also Thundering Wind on account 333472.  

So, thats pretty much it. 

Note to self. Sort out Breeding pairs

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