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Hey, Itís me, Woodchuck. I donít have any horses and never will, because I play White Oak Stables just for fun. I LOVE to hang out on the chatroom. I am thinking about starting sort of an organization for helping newbies. I make layouts for people to raise money for newbies and get people to donate.

Oh and also I am having a pic contest!!!! I just want a really cute pic that I can use for a layout, um, the rules: It has two have at least three pics of woodchucks. It has to say my name and number. It has to say "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?" that's all, winner gets 50k second place gets 20k.

Dartmoor And Cleveland Bay Resort

Horse slaughter is basically inhumane euthanasia. Euthenasia is when an animal is put down, or killed, when it is suffering or has a terminal illness. It is usually done by an injection.

Inhumane euthanasia is cruel killing. A lot of people don't know the details of horse slaughter. A lot of peole just don't care. Please take the time to read on.

First, the horse is sent to a slaughter house. Most horses are transported miles and miles without food or water. A lot of horses die before they even get to the slaughter houses. The horses that make it and shoved into cramped, metal cells, where they wait.

The horses smell the blood and sense the fear. They are forced to watch as other horses enter a horrible bloody shute. They are forced to listen to horses crying out in pain and anguish.

Then, itís the horseís turn. The horse is blasted with a special gun. The gun drills a sharp spike through the horseís forhead, piercing the brain. If the machines donít work exactly right, the horse could still be concious through the next steps.

One end of a rope is tied around one of the horseís legs. Then the horse is lifted up off the ground. Slaughterers come and slit the horseís troat, six inches deep. The blood drains out slowly as the horse hangs, sometimes consious but in shock and pain.

Once the horse has bled to death, it is skinned, chopped up, and made into meat for humanes in some countries and dogs all around the world.

Luckily, there are only two slaughter houses left in America, both in Texas. And you can help shut them down, as America did with all the other slaughte houses! How can you help? Give speeches at parties or at your school. Make a petition and get everyone in you neighborhood to sign. Get them to make petitions too! Send petitions and letters to the governer of Texas, or other pro-slughter people.

Most importantly, spread the word. If you want to help stop slaughter in America, send this to everyone in your address book (WOS and EMAIL), even if you donít know them! This is very important guys.

GM me with your first nam if you are going to spread the word, and help (you will be added to the list).
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