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"The caged bird stands on the grave of dreams" -Maya Angelou

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Welcome to the Horse Enhancement Association!
Welcome to WOS's Horse Enhancement Association. This 'club' is open to all members, new or old. If you are having problems getting through to us, you can always email us at, or message Kota at her main account, #23295. All matters will be attended to as soon as possible, and in an orderly fashion. Now, I suppose you'd like to know a little about the club? Well, here at the HEA, we found, raise, show, and upgrade any breed, none specified, and then, when they reach a suitable rank, we sell/raffle/keep them to become permanent members of the HEA family. To check for any raffles, simply look below. If you've got questions, contact us! We're here to help! Our horses are doing well, and FourAces, our arabian stallion has made it into the Olympics! We're excited. Anyways, our current moderators are doing their best, and they've got so much to do they haven't got much time for messages. If your message has yet to be answered, sorry, we're a bit busy! But don't worry, you will be replied to as soon as possible. ;) -Kota

Contest Results:
Grand Prize Winner: Hawaiian Spirit Stables
Secondary Winner(s):
Mrs. Bea (founded Andy)
Purpleness (founded Andy)
Oleander (founded Andy)
Sail On (founded Andy)
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Our Breeding Policies:
We have every right to decline your request to a breeding. If we do, please do not flame us. Our horses are a bit young yet for breeding, and if your horses do not meet their standards you will be declined. If you, the owner, are not capable of taking care of the foal, you will be declined.
We do not:
  • line-breed
  • in-breed
  • over-breed
  • do special breedings for friends
  • make acceptances
    We do:
  • have fair prices
  • check pedigrees
  • check owner's stats
    Horses currently for brood/stud:
  • Four Aces
  • Apocalypse
  • Starstruck Envy
  • DarkAngel
  • Rhapsody
    (To Request a breeding, purchase at set prices or message the account for haggling)

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    Cloudy Rose, Founded (Official Association Mascot)
    Apocalypse, Founded
    Forgotten Betrayal, Founded
    Biere Francais, Selle Francais
    Dark Angel, Friesian
    Holy Water, Friesian
    The Perfect Storm, Friesian
    Rhapsody, Arabian

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    Day After Tomorrow
    Delinquint, Founded
    Project Shadow, Founded
    Starstruck Envy
    Four Aces, Arabian
    And our gelding:
    Black Stardust, Quarab

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    Kota: Alright, guys! Our new raffle is up.. the winner of the raffle recieves 100k and Rhapsody. (Or whichever they'd prefer most, the money or the horse, unless they want both.) Anyways, Be sure to add a <*/textarea> code to the end of the layout everytime you update something... it does weird things if you don't, but if you do there's no problem, there are ways to restore it. I haven't had time to do dailies today, I'm really sorry! :(
    Nemo: Anyone there? I feel like i'm alone. . . Anyways, school's starting, and I didn't have time to catch dailies yesterday. Someone's foal was born. . . I might be able to help a lot more if someone like, dailied/treated or tacked/vetted/boarded. . . it would help alot more, since i have another whole account that takes alot of my attention up, and I can't just be on the computer 3 hours a day doing dailies. . . Sorry I can't be of more assistance.
    Sonic::Hey guys,since I spent a ton of money on Ore,I changed his name to Project Shadow since I can.Hehe,just so you don't think I took him and replaced him with a clone.
    Cappy: Oh. My. God. I am SOOOOOOO sorry I can't help more!!!!! We know have 3 hours of homework a night. meh. I will do as much as I can tonight, sorry I haven't been helping!!!

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    Kota, President
    DaMustangPhantom, Vice President
    Nemo, Moderator
    Captain, Moderator
    Sonic, Moderator

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    Sail On
    Working Pastures
    Celeste Performance Horses
    Krager All Aorund Equines
    Purple Lightning
    +.+Angel Attitude+.+
    Shake Ya Tailfeather
    Mrs. Bea
    Hawaiian Spirit Stables

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    Captain-- 1 MILLION
    Kaylee--1 MILLION
    Kota - $112,826
    Shake.Ya.Tailfeather - 100,000
    DaMustangPhantom - $50,000

    All members/ non-members who love the HEA can use this link-to! Copy and paste the link below into your own settings box, and voila! You can represent the HEA from your own account!

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