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From the darkness
Comes a dream

Alright all my requests that I have taken, a sum of about four or five I believe, are on hold till I finish my exams. Don't worry if you have an order in it will be done, just give me time. I can't work miracles. I am working as hard as I can really on what little spare time I have so please don't be bugging me about them. Come Wednesday I should be able to start working more as I will be on break, and that is a half day, but I am really booked, so it will still be slow, but progress will be made.

I do make images for the public for those who might be wondering. So keep reading for information.

Image Prices:
10k : Simple - a cut out horse on the purple ish color, or white, your choice, and the horses name
50k : Average - horse, background, name, other text [this is for common breeds that have easy stock photos]
75k : Complex - horse, background, name, other text [this is for not so common breeds that don't have easily accessable stock photos]
100k : Layout - main image [includes; horse, background, text] and other stuff to be discussed order by order

HTML Prices:
25k : Bar Layout
25k : Forever Expanding Table
50k : Scrolling Layout
Anything else will need to be specifide, talk to me about it and we shall see.
*Important!* : Note the html prices are only for the coding of the html, you must add on 50k if you want me to make you the main layout image. If you can provide your own image then just note the price for the html.*

--> I don't care what you say, I draw the line on what is an easy breed to find and what isn't. Unless you produce good quality, high resolution images, don't complain.
--> I also reserve the right to refuse to do an order on the grounds of this is my service and I don't have to bend and bow to your every whim.
--> If you do provide an image [background or horse] that I happen to use, then I might consider lowering the price, but trust me don't try to haggle it won't be benificial to you.
--> Read this page if it says I am open, then go ahead and gm me an order, but if I am closed you will either get a rude reply or I just won't reply at all.

Request form:
Name of the horse:
ID of the horse:
Color of the horse:
*Background images:
*Horse images:
Concepts for the image: [do you have an idea of what you are looking for?]

* = optional, these can be used to show examples of what you would like to see, but I am not obligated to use them. I will find as close as I can to what you ask though.

Order Status: CLOSED
Hope filled sighs
and Evanescent Themes

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