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I am RareBlackAngel and I've been playing this game for, well, too long (I think around 12 years). I bred Irish Draughts for a very long time, then I tried my hand with the Icelandics. Now I am mainly back with my IDs. In real life I am a 26 year-old mother of one, who has graduated university with double honours in English and philosophy, and fulfilling the requirements for a minor in Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies. I live with (because who can own) a HUGE black cat named Spock. No he's not fat - just huge. 22 pounds of pure muscle, and a very energetic dog named Whiskey. I also live with my fiancee, Mark, who takes care of me when I'm sick - and buys me ice cream cakes when I'm not. The newest addition to our family is our son, Rhett, whowas born in March and is growing like a weed!

As far as real life horses go, I don't ride very often, but I do have experience riding (for pleasure only - I don't show, because I don't ride often). I enjoy poetry, reading, and drawing (though I'm not very good at it). You can catch me in chat once in a while, and I'm always around the message boards and checking my mail box. Please feel free to get in touch. ~Rare



  • *Trying to find pic makers for my horses. Beginners welcome to practice with these ponies. Willing to pay up to 500K / pic depending upon the quality of the image.
    Simply make a pic for any horse who lacks one and send me the URL in a GM with an asking price. If I use it I will notify you and post the pic to the horse, as well as send you the money.


My horses are shown daily with Very few exceptions. It is my belief that if you are going to help a rare breed, you need to ensure that you are productive, rather than destructive, to the breed. 

**'s in the name indicate rescued or member purchased horses.

~~'s in the name indicate horses from my ORIGINAL lines of ID's back around 2005!



My horses are available to outside breeders however it is required that you read my breeding rules. I don't think I'm being unreasonable, and if I am asking you to breed I'll be sure to do the same. My breeding rules can be found in my journal. 


PLEASE NOTE: all graphics orders are closed for the time being. Thanks for respecting my time.

I make pictures that cost $10,ooo each. To order simply send me a GM stating breed, colour, name, any text you would like, and any specific background or mood that you had in mind. Here's an example of my work:
Mysterious Me

Ocean Soul

Roman's Revenge


Requiem for a Dream

Kingdom of Heaven

Faded Memory

Layouts: I now offer layouts. I have only made a couple thus far, as I'm pretty new at it. Examples of my work can be found here: 
Mysterious Me's Layout

Candy Apple's Layout

Celtic Knot Connemara's Layout


Stabling: I provide a rank 9 stable called AngelWing Stables. I hold contests and give aways open to my boarders only. Please consider us for all your stabling needs.

Lessons: As an upgraded member I am able to give riding lessons. If you request lessons GMing me will ensure a more prompt response, however I do try to check regularly, so it may not be necessary.

Newbie Help: If you are new to WhiteOakStables, or simply do not have a hold on the game, feel free to GM me about newbie help. I am always happy to help with showing and caring for your horses, as well as breeding practices, game rules, and anything else you may have questions about. 

Caretaker: I do offer the Caretaker function, but I'm warning you now, I'm a terrible caretaker. I almost never remember to look and I'm quite busy with my own horses a lot of the time. So, if you are using this service and unhappy with it, please ask to be removed. You will not, in any way, hurt my feelings. If you just have your horses in there, but prefer to take care of them yourself and only hope that if you are away your caretaker manages to catch that your horses are dying and help you out, then you'll probably be satisfied with my service. On that note also, if I am caretaking for you and you ARE going away, for a weekend or a week or whatever, just pop me a GM, and I will make sure I am on daily to care for your horses in that situation. 


I have a good number of stories in Horse Writers under account numbers 22532 and 35082. Feel free to check them out! Here's some of the comments I've received about my poems under account 22532:

Link here:
Rare's Poems

  • BestIEvaHad: That is the most amazing, beautiful, moving poem that I have ever read. 
  • Anonymous: Eerie! (if that's how you spell it) Great though 
  • Tils & Rabbit: ~claps~ Bravo!! RBA, you have talent. I love the descriptive language you use, and this style of poetry is quite tricky and to get a beautiful result as this is quite magnificant. ~bows~ This is truly beautiful. 10/10
  • Anonymous: Good job... I was near to tears.
  • scotch: I have read most of your poems, I have to say that so far Release is my all time favorite. I love how you can put both your own feelings and the world's feelings together and make it so dramatic, and realistic. Please don't listen to anyone who says your poems are scary/dark and such, your writing style and choice of words is totally amazing. Your poems have a certain power to them, I can't get enough of them. Thank-you so much for sharing them with us, I would feel wrong by saying anything negative about them, thank-you again ~scotch 

These are some of the comments I've recieved on the poems under account 35082:

Link here:
Rare's Other Poems

  • Anonymous: That is amazing. I totally love it!
  • Jade: Nice in a twisted kind of way. I like how the mirror is a reflection of who she really is, kind of like the window to the soul allegory. 
  • Morbid Reality Designs: Gasp. Morby didn't know Rare could write! Morby loves. I'd give you 11 but it only goes up to 10.
  • *Talico*: Wow! That is the single best poem I've ever read on Wos! You are a God amongst insects! You capture so much pain that so many people can relate to so well! *Ps. I hope the person has stopped*

A Special thank-you to everyone who's read my poems. I love you all for taking the time to tell me you liked them, or help me grow as a writer (and often, both)! You are all wonderful people!


It's always the little things that make you smile. I received this beautiful pic in my mailbox from April Mist Farm. Isn't she a doll? And isn't it lovely?!

**Notes to Myself**

C = <2

B= 3 - 10

A = 11 - 20

GP = 21 - 35

Oly = 36<

C = <10

B = 11 - 25

A = 26 - 45

GP = 46 - 65

Oly = 66< 

Foals projected rank must be over 30
Maximum of 1 foal per rescue 



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