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june.28.06Wee. Steppy got me a layout, it's boodyful. My horse is doing very well. Every show I enter him in he's been getting SCs. The horse that he got BIS against he beat already =). That shows you good breeding, lmao. *pats Windy*

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DressySo Steppy, I finally somewhat organized my page. I need a layout though...*pokes* lol.

SteppySurely I'll make ye a layout. I do have some orders piled up 'cause I've been on vaca and now I'm catching up on schoolwork, but I'll get to it, I promise. Can you GM what you want? (Unless you just want me to allow my "creative" juices flow, lol). Oh, and what bars?

DressyLet the juices flow! How 'bout Updates....Notes (xD) That's it I gues O.O If you can think of anything then add it :) ooh! Other...Yeah... lol.

SteppyHey, finished main piccy, will do bars asap. Thought I'd get that up so you can see. If you hate it tell Hope you do like it though :)

DressyOMGOMGOMGOMG! It's soo boodyfull. Yes, boody. I shook my boody it was so boodyful. Lmao, I'm hyper.

Steppy Glad you likey. As I'm sure you can see, I've got the bars up. I've also got a services one if you want it...I was too afraid to mess with your gawguss html, so I just cleaned it up a little to make it easier to find. (i.e. I just sepparated everything form each other in the settings box thingy)

DressyI <3 it Steppers

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Hello :). Here at Automn Breeze Acres (Oh yes...that's my stable's name. Although my filler is the only horse at my stable xD) we (yes, there are more Dressys) train young horses then breed them. The elder horses get retired and viola, another horse to train :).

I am a girl in the stages of being 13. Whee, only 3 more months of, "You're 13, aren't you???" Anyways. I currently ride one horse at a training barn, his name is Splash. He's a 20 year old Hanoverian that's chestnut and has a few odd markings. Now don't be er...weired out by his age, but believe me. He acts like a 6 year old. As of now I reside in the United States....and yeah. Without giving you my social security number people probobly can find out who I am xD.

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Dressed to Rock:Dressed For SuccesFounded x Jingle Bell RockBurst of Energy x Deceased
A Selle Frances stallion bred by the almighty Windy (695) xD. He shows magnificantly, I've gotten nothing but SC/1BIS. (I don't count the show that I showed him naked in xP)
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I Fill, Therefore I am:Founded
My awesome filler. Very consitant xD
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Dilly made this Oh. So. Awesome award for me. :-D


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