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About me
My name's Kelly (fairly obvious really considering my member name!) and I'm a 23 year old kid (!) living in Bristol, England. My passion in life is horses, though I am not fortunate enough to own one (one day - sigh!!). I take lessons every week and go for all day rides every month and occasionally compete. As well as horses I love Netball and Alice Cooper (who I met recently - YAY!!) - oh and tennis, Gary Numan, Newcastle UTD Football Club, goin' out and partyin' (the list goes on, I'll not bore you any further!!). If anyone would like to ask me anything please GM me!

About my account
I've been playing WOS for nearly a year now, and I gotta admit - I'm pretty addicted! I used to have a full house on here with 75 horses, though eventually time constraints meant I had to reduce the herd quite a bit! Now my intent on here is to concentrate on showing my horses and eventually raise them to the top of the pile on this game.
I work hard to keep excellent lines for my horses, hence the reason I have a Trusted Breeder's list, and inbreeding/overbreeding does NOT happen here. Anyone wishing to breed must be on this list, just send me a gm and I will check out your account. I will be looking for many things - which are listed in my breeding rules (in my journal).
My QH's are the champions of this account, and the ones I concentrate on the most, any breedings to these are very strictly vetted!

My friends
Sara & Bo
Purple Lightning
Rocker Stalker
Oasis Dream
Wormwood/Black Coffee
Paperback Coyote

Breeding Bookings

Paperback Coyote's Baal's Treason is to breed to Apparition when he is 24, this breeding is free.

Due to the new pic rules and time constraints, I am not making pics or layouts right now, though this may change in the future.

I am happy to help newbies, if you need any pointers please drop me a gm. Please note, this does NOT mean I will give you my best horses for free, or free breedings etc, but that I will help you make your own money.
I will fill anyone's shows if asked. I have lots of horses of all grades and know how frustrating it can be to wait on fillers. Many thanks to those who have helped me out with this (*prods Windy and Black Coffee!).

And finally....
A huge thank you goes to Bobo and Sara, who look after this account on weekdays, since I don't have much time right now. They have proven themselves to be trustworthy and hardworking players, and I appreciate their help very much!

Anybody wishing to breed must be on my Trusted Breeders List, which can be found in my journal. Anybody wishing to be on the list must first read my breeding rules, then send me a gm and I will check out your account. Anybody that requests a breeding, who has not first read this statement, will be ignored.

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