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sorry for the bad layout, i had about 3 seconds to figure out how to put a pic from the lls website (, by our trainer billie) and then switch the background/ font color. but don't worry- i'll be back! bwahahahahaaaa! *darrah

Welcome To Living Legends Stables!

Welcome To Living Legends Training Center!!!! This is kelsey (aka Sam-Cool New Layout on the game) and me and my friend Darrah (aka Darrah) decided to put up this site with all of the Living Legends Horses!!! Hope you enjoy
Hey!!!!!! Kelsey here, and just to let everyone know, we're look'n for morgan horses, mares, geldings, or stallions, at ANY RANK. If you have a really good horse that you would like to tell us about as a show prospect, just let one of us know at this adress or one of ours, we will probably pay you more than usual. Email us, we'd love to hear from you!!!


Hey! My name is Kelsey, and I'm a 13 year old girl who absolutly loves horses. I've been riding for about 4 and a half years, at Living Legends Stables in Winstead, Minnesota. My good friend Darrah is on this game also as a co-owner of this account. (Hi Darrah!) I dont have any horses (yet anyways) but I plan to have some in the next 20 years or so. I am also under this game as SamExcelentStallions4stud, member number 2508. Email me at this account or at my own! Oh yeah, well darrah, I rode Mystic AND rode Popeye bareback for longer than you !!! (just kidding) darrah's reply to that: you wouldn't have if i had chosen to ridden fievel (possibly changed to mystic too) instead of popeye and then didn't even ask to ride bareback. and i had to do most of skipple's stall! lol...kind of.....kelseys reply to that: if I would've ridden fivel I would've ridden western and shown u how to handle him!! :0) And u did do most of skipple's stall

'Sme, Darrah! Don't have much now, but yah. I JUST RODE BAREBACK ON POPEYE (coming soon) AND I LOOOOOVED IT!!!!!!!!


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