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So this is my Rare breeds account. Many thanks to Dressyball for making this loffley layout for me. On this account I am working with Shagyas, Tennessee Walking Horses, Spanish-Normans, Clydesdales, Dutch Warmbloods, Shetlands and Fjords. My aims are to breed high quality, high ranking horses with clean, good lines, and to generally improve the breeds as a whole. Here's hoping I can find the time lol, Kel : )

Big, sad goodbyes go to my best horses on this account - Desemparado and Estrella - both founded Spanish Normans. Desemparado (stallion) retired at R377, as the best Spanish Norman, the most talented horse and the 4th highest ranked horse on WOS. Estrella (mare) retired at R368, as the 2nd best Spanish Norman, the 7th most talented horse and the 5th highest ranked horse on WOS. They leave a legacy of 3 great foals: Ganador Del Premio (meaning Prize Winner), Estrella De Oro (meaning Gold Star) and Star Fighter. I will do my best to ensure these guys do as well as their parents have.
My Shetlands are now the biggest part of the account, and this is thanks to Black Coffee, who gave me some wonderful ponies who I will work hard on. Shagyas and Tennessee Walkers are taking a bit of a back seat right now, although I will do my best to try and bring them on to a good level by retirement. Ditto for Clydesdale and Dutch Warmblood.

In order to breed with my horses, you must now be on my trusted breeders list. Check account 25109 for the list and my breeding rules.

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