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Name: Triwhisper 

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Location: Unknown
Celestial Body of Origin: Charon

Found a Tadis key I see. The Doctor is absent currently, he does not usually take the time to browse the internet unless he is bored. However in the rare moments of downtime when we are not traveling I do find something to occupy brief moments of time.
You want to know who I am? Bit difficult honestly for one to describe themselves. I am your average person, got my likes and dislikes. There are things I cannot stand, and many things I enjoy that would likely get me odd looks from those who call themselves 'sane' (what a wretched word).
I suppose the key things to know are the following:
I have loved horses for as long as I can remember
Sci-fi/Fantasy is my personal genre of choice.
I am blunt, straight forward, do not take all that kindly to blind ignorance, prefer that people stand by their opinion and not the majority.
I do not care if people disagree with me. Do so in an intellectual manner and we can politely agree to disagree with each and still get along just fine.
I strongly dislike when people try to claim to be my friend when they know nothing about me. Friendship is something that takes time and knowledge of the other people. You are not going to be my friend by saying 'hi' to me. Want to be my friend? Get to know me, keep a running conversation with me, learn who I am and express who you really are. Then, after a time perhaps a friendship with happen between us, but not before. I do not friend collect people.


About Tri's Game

Tri has been on WOS for the better part of seven years now. Was known for quite a number of years for my Friesians and Dartmoors. Sadly, due to computer issues, those lines have passed on. Not to fret though, a fresh start with nicely ranked horses has given me a little bit of a new perspective.
I have no desire to go beyond the ten horses I currently have. Having a massive showing herd of one hundred and fifty plus is doable. . .however it is too stressful. I lost enjoyment in the game continually founding horses and trying to match their ranks with the last batch of rank two hundred plus foals. I will not be doing that again. Instead I will breed a few extra and hope for a somewhat even ratio and sell/retire the extra horses.
I am still aiming for decent horses. This means well shown, and well ranked. I do want to back at the top of the rank list again, I simply will not aim for it by continually over-showing.
WoS is a hobby I keep coming back to. That is all it is going to be from now on. . .a hobby. A time waster. . .not the life numbing game it once was. So if for a few days a week I have not cared for my horses? I have other things to do. Work, other games. . .people. The only thing I will truly aim for will be to keep the Iberian club running smoothly.

Will be a list of services I offer. Currently ones are
Breeder Feature: Pair being bred MUST be over the age of 20 unless it is an emergency situtation. You MUST gm letting me know you have requested.
Caretaker: You MUST gm me about caretaker services or I will automatically decline. I am not against doing this service for people, and I will not ask for payment. . .however I want to be able to plan before hand.

NotHowever, as of January 11th, 2013 I have official begun a full re-write to a very old writing project. I will likely switch to a different story idea shortly, but the old project will always be a personal goal. 

Current status: Working on the Prologue all over again. Likely going for a much more personalized 3rd person PoV and focusing soley on the two main characters with more emphasis on the female lead. At least for now. Still need to figure out how to rework chapter 1 and probably really really need an outline drafted.  


Current Status: Active

Breeds I might consider getting into: Anglo-Arab, Arab, Canadian Sport Horse, Dutch Warmblood, French Trotter, Hanoverian, Missouri Fox Trotter, Rocky Mountain Horse, Saddlebred, Shire

How well do you know WOS? Take the Quiz and find out: Quiz You WOS

Breeding Schedule 

This is My Proposal x Under the Mirrored Sky (Sept. 28th)
Song o a Broken Harmony x Traids of Intrigue (Sept. 28th)
Chains of Your Midnight Hour x Feathers Fly, Dragons Dance (Sept. 28th)

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