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Blister Birch
Credit Founded Shetland Mare
1) Shaman's Call
Mirror Mask
Shetland Mare
1) Black Labyrinth
Shetland Stallion
1) Seeking Mare
Midnight is a Lonely Place
Shetland Stallion
1) Seeking Mare
2) Fuzzy Blade (Exquisite Equines)
Black Labyrinth
Shetland Stallion
1) Mirror Mask
Shaman's Call
Shetland Stallion
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1) Blister Birch

Wormwood's Shetlands
Tiny Tempermental Terrors

Nothin' but ponies here. Why shetlands? I've got a peculiar affinity for the small shaggy snarky sorts, and shetlands seem to correspond with those traits perfectly.

Alternate Accounts

Foal & Filler Repository - Just what it sounds like. I also use this account to buy/rescue and retire bad examples of my favorite breeds.
Black Coffee Stables - My rank 9 medium stable where I work with arabs, clydes & Icelandics.
Goblin Gate Stable - The blue ribbon stable I won in Kelbeans' x-mas raffle! Cleveland bays, araapaloosa's & friesians.


Due to my weariness with having to track down foals that have gone astray, all breedings are now private. This means you must be on my trusted breeders list to get a breeding to or from any of my horses. If you're interested in being added to the list, please read the guidelines below, and check the chart beneath for availability before you GM me.


All ponies from my lines or founded by me will bear a W in front of their name. I do not add my brand to horses other players have bred, and I would appreciate the same courtesy. Please do not remove my brand from any horse purchased from me.
You wouldn't put your own name on a painting just because you bought it, would you?

Breeding Guidelines

- I do not accept breedings from people who overbreed (allow their ponies more than 3 foals max.)
- Similarly, no inbreeders. If you're mating directly related ponies, you're not going to get a breeding from me.
- You must show your horses at least a few times a week.
- Your horses must be in good condition.
- You don't breed low ranks (anything below 20 is to low as far as I'm concerned).
- You aren't going to turn around and resell the offspring of my horse to someone else.

Sound tough? They aren't really. If you're a responsible active player with manners, we can probably work something out.




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