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I'm crusty, crabby, and older than the WOS dirt your fancy little ponies walk on. I have an attitude problem, but I'm ok with that. I'm Goat, GVSH, Midna, and Mar. I'm responsible for a lot of the going-ons of WOS. I run the newspaper, give monthly awards, am co-president of the Piaffe Club, and am Jade's worker bee. She said so!

I'm 19 and just finishing up a little over a year off from school after graduating high school. I'm headed to Orlando Florida to get a bachelors degree in video game development in September.

I used to ride dressage pretty competatively, but I've sold my horse and moved on, trying to get my life in order and go to college.

 I work at a Pet Spa and Resort; we offer dog daycare, boarding, grooming, and training. It's a really fun job, but it gets boring sometimes. But I get to sit on WOS at work all day, so it can't be that bad.

As you probably guessed from my intended major, I have a pretty strong passion for video games and music. I don't notmally like to tell people I'm going to get a degree in "video game programming" -- it just makes me sound like I'll live in my mom's basement for the rest of my life, sustaining on Code Red Mountain Dew and Ramen Noodles. The latter is true, the former is not.

I own a collection of video game consoles including an NES, SNES, X360, PS2, Wii, GBA and NDS. Link and Master Chief are my characters of choice, but I do enjoy many other games. I also love, and will school you at, Monopoly.

I take music pretty seriously, and if you try and tell me a band is "bad" when you really mean that you don't like them, I'll probably correct you and it may not be in the most polite fashion.

I'm into pop punk, and going to concerts. I know more about music production than a lot of people and am probably not the best person to get into a music conversation with, unless you're pretty sure your music tastes align with mine. On that note, Sum 41, Augustana, New Found Glory, Blink 182, Good Charlotte (exclusing GMR), Simple Plan (excluding self titled album), Motion City Soundtrack, and Anberlin about sum it up. I've traveled across the country (from WI to California) to go to concerts, and regularly drive to Detroit (12 hours from here) to see bands I like. I'm pretty much crazy.

If you've made it this far, I'm proud. Really! If you didn't read it all and just scrolled here, I'm a little dissapointed. If you think I'm rad, send me a gm! I love to talk to people about... stuff. I'm crabby sometimes though. If you want WOS help, you can GM me for that too. I know this game like the back of my hand. But I don't know the exact location of every line on my hand, so take that as you will for my WOS education.



You'll know.

20449 - Admiration Layout
90112 - Roseridge Stud Layout
1854 - Angel Layout

Special Show History

WOS Hacks - Saving Money on Vet and Farrier

Credit Founding

Odds Chart and Tutorial


      Breeding prices are negotiated based on the horses involved.  Please send me a game message if you're interested in a breeding to any of my horses though it is a good idea to first check my breeding chart and see if public breedings are available for that horse. Keep in mind I typically have foals to sell so if you're interested in owning offspring of my stock and I do not accept your breeding, that is always an available option.


      Though there is no performance effect on the foal if the mare and stallion are not close in rank, I like to keep them relatively similar simply to prevent my higher ranked stock breeding to lesser quality horses. Prior to accepting a breeding request I will take a look at your current horses and evaluate if you would be a proper home for my stock. I don't have a set of strict rules but I do maintain a standard of quality. If you have any questions about breedings, please send me a gm.


Pairing Name Gender Scheduled Breedings Public Breedings Available

Breedings on Outside Accounts
Acct # Name Gender Scheduled Breedings Breedings & Foal Plans

$0 < C 01-10 < $100,000
$100,000 < B 11 - 25 < $299,999
$300,000 < A 26 - 45 < $499,999
$500,000 < GP 46 - 65 < $999,999 $1,000,000 < O 66 - ∞ <$∞

The 2nd slot for entering shows is based on the old show values, which are as follows:

Low (C)                         1-10
Medium (B)               11-25
High (A)                    26-50
Expert (GP)            51-499
International (Oly) 500+

Using these, you can enter horses that have moved out of one grade with the new system, but are still within the limits of the old system.

Yeah yeah, I'm around. Sometimes. Hit me up on IM or facebook if you need something. I've got 8 accounts. I'll enter horses in specials for you, or make shows sometimes.

No, you can't log into any of my accounts and use any of my shows. Sorry.


Account Sitting as time allows I will account sit, from basic "don't let my horses die" service to complete groom/tack/treat/show daily.


Pictures/Layouts I can code any layout idea you throw at me, and I also on occasion do manips.  GM me if you're interested.


Breeder Services Why mess with the rest, when you can have the best? Use my breeder services to get top notch foals -- with consistant point gains of 300+ points and a history of producing foals as high as grand prix level, there's no point in using anyone else!

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