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Hey! Iím 12 years old and in 7th grade this year. I live in the United States and ride twice a week. I own a dark bay Quarter Horse named Wellington in real life, and I board him at a barn with 6 other horses. I go online usually an hour or more on school days, a lot more on weekends. On vacations, I sometimes go online for up to three hours, even though Iím not supposed to. =) I am a generally kind person, and enjoy reading and writing, as well as riding and field hockey. I get mostly Aís and Bís in school, and such. I love chatting with people, and always love meeting new people in the chatroom or GMs so donít be shy! We can talk anything horses, school, field hockey, movies, books, baseball, music, anything at all!

As many of my WOS friends know, I am a dealer. I buy horses for cheap, from basically anyone, and then I show them and such for a few days before selling them for a profit. A lot of people put rank 60 horses up for 6k, those are the types of horses I buy. I hardly ever spend over 20k buying a horse unless itís oly grade or 100+ rank horse, a really great deal. You will rarely see me with more than 10 horses, I just canít deal with any more horses, with school and sports and riding taking up a huge amount of time and so on. I also have lots of rules for this account (see Rules and Regulations) and rules for breeding and selling (see Horses for Sale and Breeding). As you have read under the About Me bar, I am pretty kind and such, but I have a short temper when it comes to inconsiderate noobs. What is a noob? See Rules and Regulations. Anyhoo, this account is a dealing account. Most horses stay for a week or less, because I have to make money to stay afloat on this game. I have over 1 mil on my other account, so I donít have to worry about going broke, but Iím saving that money. What for, you ask? Who knows?

Ahh, everyone loves buying horses. Lucky you came upon this account, because I will usually have at least 1 horse up! Currently I have a horse up for sale, a 12 y/o Arabian mare, rank 11. I know, I know very old horse, not very high rank. But Iíve had her a while and she has to go soon, I will lower my price if you want. You should consider yourself lucky, because I hardly ever let my prices be negotiated. Also, I have a rank 29 Friesian mare, only 9 years old and a pretty impressive show record. She hasnít had any foals yet and is in very good condition. Sheís currently not up for sale, because I am only going to sell her to certain people (see Friends List).

Okay, these are the only ones I can think of, Iíll add more later:
(1) I will reply to all GMs unless they are junk mail. (2) If I recieve any junk mail, the playerís name and number will be under a special category under my Friends list. This includes noobs in the chatroom, too. (3) Prices are not negotiable unless adressed under the Horses For Sale bar. (4) I donít care how poor you are, Iím not sending you money.

Bar Layouts: I charge 50k for bar layouts. They take forever to make, and are very good, so thatís why they cost so much. They can take anywhere from a few days to a week or two. I made this layout myself, itís just one example of my work. To buy a layout, GM me or catch me in chat. Here are some more examples:
Coding Layouts: If you have a layout, but donít know how to code it so you can put in on your account, just GM me or catch me in the chatroom! I can do it in a day or two, it will cost 15k cause it is pretty easy to do.

I make personalized pictures for 10k, which are basically like the main pic of a bar layout, only smaller and with different things on them. I generally make them for peopleís horses, so a pic may have a picture of that breed in the correct color on a background, with the horseís name and a phrase. I can blend, fade, and all that good stuff. To see examples or order a pic, once again catch me in chat or GM me!

I am honored to have a complete chart of rider settings! I can give you up to 5 settings for free. After that, each setting is 2k. So, letís say you have 15 horses, all needing settings. The first five are free, and then 2k for each other setting. That would come out to 20k for 15 rider settings. I can give you up to 20 rider settings. If you want more, you will have to get them from someone else, or buy the whole chart for 1 mil.

Note: Friends with a * next to their name are legible for half price on layouts and pics. Friends with a $ next to their name are legible to buy horses that are not marked up for sale, upon request. Friends with both *$ get half price on layouts and pics, and can buy horses not marked up for sale. Friends with a + next to their name get buckets full of love!!!!!
Captain*$ Nonexistant*$ Tink* EE*$ DP*$ DMP*$ Sonic+ Cowgirl$ Mimkat* Momoko* tranquil_sun*$ Meepie$ Hopey* Kota Silver$ Hanoverian*$ Maps*$ Westy+ Leggy$ Kerry+ Ghosty+
(Okay I know I forgot LOADS of people, I promise I will add you once I remember you ...)
(1)doubletrouble-#unknown-repeatedly flooding in the chatroom, insulting people by calling them boobs and flat, also using other words inappropriate for the chatroom

(09/04/2006) W00t! I got my ipod nano today! I downloaded Chicago, Tracy Chapman, Dar Williams, Janis Joplin, Bela Fleck, Caedmon, and random jazz music! WOOO! (09/05/2006) First day of school, soooo booooring!

Every month there will be a new contest! Each contest will have a grand prize for 1st place, and 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

September 1st - September 15th

Horse Name Contest
The object: You need to come up with a show name for a horse.
The horse: A jet black Welsh Pony gelding. He has a white star on his forehead. His stable name is Mercury. He has a fast canter, but always picks up the correct lead, and he loves to jump.
The Rules: (If a rule is not followed, that person will be disqualified)
1) Only 5 entries per person--NO MORE!
2) All entries must be in a GM
3) All entries must have capital letters in the correct places
4) If a name is repeated by a different person, whoever submitted the name first gets to keep theirs as an entry. The other person gets another entry.
The Grand Prize: $150,000
The 2nd Place Prize: $50,000
The 3rd Place Prize: $25,000

Entries so far:

~Mimkat~: Cloud Nine
~Mimkat~: Hollywood Glow
~Mimkat~: Rippling Dusk
~Mimkat~: Sprinkled Verse
~Mimkat~: Broken Aura
~*Willow Acres*~: Made Ya Look
~*Willow Acres*~: Midnight Magic
~*Willow Acres*~: Poetry In Motion
~*Willow Acres*~: Darkened Delight
~*Willow Acres*~: Dangerously Gorgeous
Exquisite Equines *Temporary*: Mercury Mad Dash
Exquisite Equines *Temporary*: Sillouette Sensation
Exquisite Equines *Temporary*: Midnight Boy Wonder
Exquisite Equines *Temporary*: Mercury Flash
Exquisite Equines *Temporary*: Mercury Madness
ZIMZUM: Woah Dangit!
ZIMZUM: Hand Grenade
ZIMZUM: Last Day On Earth
ZIMZUM: Just For Today
ZIMZUM: Cemetary Gates
Cole Creek Arabians: Black Magic
Cole Creek Arabians: Liquid Metal
Cole Creek Arabians: Mercury Magic
Cole Creek Arabians: Liquid Delight
Cole Creek Arabians: Liquid Poetry
Momoko&Happy: Dark Side of the Moon
lilili: Jumpin' Jack Flash
lzb3: Split The Dark
lzb3: Back In Black
lzb3: Higher Calling
lzb3: Liquid Darkness
lzb3: Starry Night
lilili: Time Machine
lilili: Blackjack
Heart Shaped Morgans: Show No Mercy
Heart Shaped Morgans: Darkest Hour
Heart Shaped Morgans: Star's First Wonder
Snooperman: Galaxi The First Planet

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