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Hello. My name is Lauren aaaand welcome to my page.

I am a 23 year old Dressage rider from the USA as well as a Certified Structural Integration Bodyworker for Horses.
I do not respect riders or trainers who take shortcuts in order to get results, putting the welfare of the horse in jeopardy for the sake of winning.

My best friend, healer, mentor, and companion of ten years passed away in November 2009 from a brain tumor. Captain was a 23 year old Thoroughbred who I rescued from abuse and neglect all those years ago.
I rescued a second horse in June 2009 from a neglectful and abusive situation. Also a Thoroughbred, Maya (I renamed her as such) is seven years old and still recovering from emotional trauma through her muscles. She has greatly improved and I intend on having her be my next Dressage horse.

I also have a second account I used to share #2128

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