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Hello and Welcome to my page. I am a very old player to WOS as you can see by my ID#, and NO I did not buy this account off of someone. I joined this game with this ID number a very very long time ago when the game just started.

I just came back form a 2-3 year long break from WOS. I’ve been out ‘trying’ to live life, but sometimes that doesn’t work very well. I’m 25 years old and live in the not so wonderful state of Ohio. Life is getting rough right now, but then again, the whole of United States is.

I’m currently working as an Resident Assistant for a home for the mental handicapped and I’m actually quite enjoying it. The pay isn’t that bad, but who should complain when you get to go out to church, concerts and other things and have fun at and get paid for doing it at the same time. However, I need a job. I’m doing quite well with this job as to paying all of my bills. I went to college for Equine Business Management (My Major) and received two minors: Small Business Enterupnership and Business Administration. After going to college for four years my college student loan debt was over $64,000. I have now been out of college for almost three years, May, 6th 2009 will be my third year of being out of school, with my school loan debt still at $55,000. I will be in debt from my school loans for the rest of my life.

I currently own a Paint Horse in real life named Tonto. His registered name is Free Willy. When I lost my job at the beginning of September 2008, I decided that it is about time that I should lease Tonto out. With the new job that I have, which is full time 40 hours where I am used to working part time with 35 hours or less, I most likely will not have as much time to spend with him anyways. In addition, I can get in as many overtime hours as I wish also. That means more money. Therefore, leasing sounds like a very good idea right now for both Tonto and I, as it will help me have some extra money from time to time to help pay my school loans. Tonto will be able to get some extra exercise, which he absolutely needs. I'm still a little unsure of letting someone else always ride him. However, I should still be able to live.

Well, Fair is over now for Tonto and Amanda and they did AWSOME! This was both Tonto’s and Amanda’s first time at the fair and they received first in both their first year Showmanship and Horsemanship.

Tonto is currently boarded at a stable that is about 26 miles away, normally a 25-minute drive one-way. Therefore, I see him maybe 2-3 times out of the week. Normally it’s on the weekends when I have more time. However, that is only every other weekend. Since I work every other weekend. I also have a cat named Taxi and dog named Munchie that are at home with me.

Well, I have decided to kind of train and breed some Spanish-Norman Horses, and Belgians along with a few Cleveland Bay Horses. Two very rare breeds with one breed doing better than the other two. I do allow outside breeding, so if you are thinking of breeding to one of my horses then read the breeding rules in my Journal. I strive to own some of the best QUALITY of horses within their breed. All of my horses are allowed to have up to 5 foals. 

Please see our breeding rules and our studbook within our Journal. 







Luck In the Making


Spanish Norman


OL 273

Slick As Water


Spanish Norman


B 20

Apple Orchard




B 17

Chief to High




OL 86



Cleveland Bay


A 29

Raining Ocean


Cleveland Bay


C 5

Holiday Design


Spanish Norman





Spanish Norman



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