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Well, Mounty made this layout for me a few years ago, have just been looking through the old layouts people made me [have the HTML saved]. Thanks Mounty if your still around. Okaii, well, I'm Rowey. I am 14 and live in England. I joined WOS when I was about 8years old and haven't been on lately due to computer issues which are ongoing hence why you wont find me on chat much, probably never. I have a sister called Doodle who used to play. I have a list of the people I remember from ages ago on my other account [#5105] if I missed you GM me. I <3 horses. I have a dog, he's lubbly. I am breeding connemara's on here and thoroughbreds on the other account, will only breed to you if you horse isn't in- or over- bred and has a similar grade/rank and good show record. Also your other horses have to be well looked after and I am not breeding until my horse is atleast 20. GM before requesting!! I might start making pics and layouts again but I haven't in such a long time they've gone terrible again!! Might try sometime. I like helping new people, or anyone for that matter so if you have a question or anything just send us a GM. Rowey x

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