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Blah Blahhh.. lots of talking from me!! :) Ok well anyways, The code's right at the moment (yaay!! FINALLY got this thing working!! :D) Sooo that means I'll now be doing Box/Text layouts!! Yeeah! Anyways, I'll fill this in with Info soon! :)

I've decided to quit. Here's my basically going-away speech....

Today, September 11, 2005, is a day in which we should all honor. Four years ago today, the world trade centers were hit and destroyed. That started an ongoing conflict throughout the US and middle eastern countries. Today is also a memorable event on White Oak Stables. It's the day that I'm going to finally quit playing WOS. There's been so many things leading up to this. First of all, there has been a lot of great ideas posted in the newspaper that everone loves, especially me. Jade never takes action. Also, Jade, sorry to say, has definately been a slacker on running the game. Coding isn't that hard, especially when you only have to copy/paste and figure out (easily) what's wrong with your code. For me personally, the game was great the way it was. I've begin to dread getting online since the shows run at who-knows what time, depending on what the "server" feels like doing. jade hardly has to do any work at all to run this game, yet somehow it just keeps getting worse and worse and everything is spinning out of control. Another event that happens today is the best horse, in my opinion, on WOS is retired. I raised her from a foal, this Thoroughbred named Double Move. She was retired today at 6:11 PM, with 13,060 points. She was rank 131 and 22 years old. I didn't want to keep running stable shows, trying to compete with the other members just to get her recognized. She was #31 on the Top 100 horses list, and if only I had kept working on her she would have easily gotten to the top 10. She was an Oly grade 409, and here's the Link to her page. Double Move has touched a spot in my heart by almost always getting SCs in shows, against the toughest competitions. It seems that she holds out longer than the other horses and spends less of my money. To some of you, it may seem wierd because she was "just a bunch of code on a website." I think the reason that she was so special to me was because she was just a champion Thoroughbred in my heart. Thoroughbreds are my favorite breed, and almost every one of them is special.

As for the rest of my horses, my heard is slowly diminishing until only a few remain. I wouldn't have retired Double so early if I had wanted to keep on top of this. It seems to me that it has no gain. Anyways, I will still to pictures and layouts, so just email me here -- Thank you for helping me along the way in WOS. Please buy the horses up for sale, and help keep the server running nicely.

WOSEF Headquarters!

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Peter pan complex |||||||||||| 43%
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Physical Fitness |||||||||| 37%
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Hmm... well nothing interesting at the moment. I'm moving to St. Louis soon and I'll be going to Lafayette.. freshman. Whoo-whee. Haha. Not excited. Uhhmm.. well I LOVE my horse so here's a link to all her pics :) - - Aww My Baby Rain!! :)
Horses will be available for breeding at age 15. Please book breedings below. There will be 5 breedings for each horse, unless otherwise stated between 2-3 for me, and between 3-2 for the outside. All breedings are between $100k-$300k. This is determined by the rank and grade of the horse at time of breeding, and the rank and grade of your horse. If you have any questions, please just contact me and I will make arrangements for a consultation of price.

¨^Moves of Gold - No Breedings Yet¨^
¨^Sparkling Jazz - No Breedings Yet¨^
¨^The Vertical Limit - No Breedings Yet¨^
¨^Free Love - No Breedings Yet¨^
¨^Double Move - No Breedings Yet¨^
¨^Heart of Stone - No Breedings Yet¨^
¨^Razzle.Dazzle - No Breedings Yet¨^
¨^Smash Hit - No Breedings Yet¨^
¨^Jester - No Breedings Yet¨^

Well, as you can probably tell, I do layouts and pictures. Here's a sort of charty-thing saying the price of everything!!

Bar Layouts - 20k
Box Layouts (With a scroll-box thing..) - 25k
Combination Bar/Box Layouts (Scroll box and small title bars for things like breeding, riding settings, etc.. you specify what you want on the bars. Like my layout.) - 40k
Personalized Pictures (Almost all of my horses have them. All except for DOUBLE MOVE's picture are by me. Includes horse's name, number, points/rank at time of picture, breed, gender, owner, and a (c)5915 sign in the top-right corner. All of those are if you want them and/or if I'm able to fit them on!! Most of the pictures I make have either one or two images of a horse, my (c) symbol, horse's name, breed/gender.. and then whatever you want on there.) - 20k
Horse Sitting (I will show/train, groom, tack, vet/farrier your horses from my account. Every other service is charged, and I get the winnings from shows BUT i pay entry fees. The riding settings must be supplied either in the notes box or in a message you send to me when requesting sitting.) - 15k per week, per horse.
Training (I basically show your horse in the dicipline they are already.. they must be trained or be ABLE to be trained in the dicipline if you want one. Also, I will need the riding settings from you if I'm training the rank UP and grades UP. If not, then I'll find out your horses riding settings for either the cost of the lessons used, or for $50 extra if you want me to also train your horses up ranks/grades.) - 15k per week, per horse for training up ranks/grades. +$50 to find out riding settings.
Riding Instructer (I am also a riding instructer.. I do lessons for $10 per lesson; settings are usually foudn within 1-3 lessons.. sometimes its longer if I make a mistake or something but that's usually it.) - $10 per lesson
Boarding Barn (I do own my own boarding barn called Dream Horse Stables. It's rank 10, but then again.. what stable isn't rank 10 around here any more? Hmm anyways, so that's $9 to board there every.. well.. i think it's week. Lol. I don't really know. Anyways so that's good, go ahead and board there :D) - $9
Breeding Horses (I will breed horses .. either my own mares or studs together for their breeding fees together, minus $50k. ((I.e. if I were going to breed together Double Move who has a breeding fee of $500k, and .. I'll make up one.. GreenBay Star who has a fee of $300k, it would end up being $750k because it's two of my own horses.)) If you want to breed one of my mares or studs to your own, then it's just their breeding fee. If I would like a foal from your horse (we would breed the horses twice..) then I will give you a $75k discount if you give me the foal free. Anyways, that's about it!! :D ) - Horse's Breeding Fee.. +/- discounts listed...
Other Services - - - I have some other services if you'd like to request something for me to do . . . I do basically everything so if you want something done, just ask me and I'll give you a price estimate...
ALSO when I give you a price estimate for something, that price stands.. sometimes in my head either I forget what the price is on my page.. or I just give you a discount b/c u were nice or my friend or .. had a cool horse or something :-P haha!! So that's just to explain that little thing if you were wondering..
Well, now that you've discovered all of my hidden talents (haha), I'll let you decide what you want!! OH YEAH! I also sell horses.. so if you see a horse you want then makea REASONABLE offer.. I.E. ... all of my olympic horses would be WAY over $17k.. same with all of my horses unless they're a 0 ranked QH c grade filler.. Yes and so jsut offer something, either I'll come back with what I think would be more reasonable or I'll refuse becuase they're really just not for sale (Double Move, etc..) or you offered me $17k for my best horse and I'm not stupid :-P ... :) OK well, bye all of you lovely people!

|SJ|Razzle.Dazzle - Gentle Bit, Fast Pace, Loose Reins, To Correct Behavior, Shoulders Back, Relaxed, Never Post, Short Stride.
|SJ|Double Move - Gentle Bit, Fast Pace, Loose Reins, To Correct Behavior, Shoulders Back, Relaxed Legs, Never Post, Short Stride.
|EQ|Draco’s Vertical Limit - Firm Bit, Steady Pace, Taunt Reins, To Correct Behavior, At Sides, Tight, At Trot, Short Stride.
|SJ|Jester - Slight Bit, Steady Pace, Tight Reins, To Correct Behavior, Elbows Locked, Slight Pressure, Never Post, Short Stride.
|SJ|Heart of Stone - Slight Bit, Steady Pace, Tight Reins, To Correct Behavior, Elbows Locked, Slight Pressure, Never Post, Short Stride.
|P|Free Love - Slight Bit, Medium Pace, Taunt Reins, Never Crop, At Sides, Slight Pressure, At Walk, Short Stride.
|CC|Smash Hit - Slight Bit, Steady Pace, Taunt Reins, At Refusal, At Sides, Tight Legs, At Trot, Natural Stride.
|SJ|Moves of Gold - Slight Bit, Steady Pace, Free Movement, At Refusal, At Sides, Tight Legs, At Walk, Short Stride.

See MY Sim Game!!

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