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About Moi
Hey This is Snowy and I live in New Hampshire. My Friend Woodlands Also plays WOS and Has a Welsh/Thoroughbred Pony Named Woodland's Cloudy Spots. I am having a Very hard time thinking of stuff to write so thats all i quess!
The Ponies
I have a Connemara/Thoroughbred Named Black Point's Rimmy Go Bragh. He is now almost 6y/o and has competed Novice. His Father is Hideaway's Erin Go Bragh a Pure 14.3 Connemara Stallion that Evented Advanced. Both Rimmy and His Dad Have their own movies (Rimmy-Training for the Green Event Horse) and (Go Bragh-The Little Horse That Could). Rimmy Has gone Novice and I hope to take his up to prelim after some time and Training. I also Ride Somtimes my Arab/Welsh PonyZsensational who I evented Novice . Rimmy Cloudy and Zsen's Pictures Will be On the Bottom of this page extremly soon (or now beause i tend not to update) Thankies Bye!.
2.3.05. Well My old Layout was deleted for some odd reason so .W.o.o.d.l.a.n.d.s. made a New one! Its not the Greatest but oh well saves me mula.
2.3.05 I got a new WOS pony Snow Field's Vera Lynn From Woodlands. She is quite nice although I usually don't like morgans she is a acception!
I love my Ponies!

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