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Ok, my name is Katie and i am 13 years old...i live in ohio and i ride at a barn called Tipan-Hall. I love horses! I ride a pony named Charlie yes that is why my name is -THF-Charlie-. well he is a 13.2 pony and he used to be really bad and he spooked at everything but now he is very good and cute! But other than charlie, im in love with a pony named wally! he is a dapple grey that is on the layout! he is soo sweet and kind. he loves to smell you! he is a good jumper but can get a little quick because he is still a little green. i've only ridden him once but thats okay, charlie is a fun poneh! um i am currently jumping, regularly, like 1.7ft. yea but i do jump higher thats just regularly.uhh lets see, i used to be louiebabe but i grew out of him lol. o yea, i am a girl for all you that dont know lol i just love charlie so i had to have his name as my account name!uhh lets see i ride at Tipan-Hall Farm and its kinda small but very comfy, very nice ppl here. My trainer is Julie and then Annie is the business manager. the dogs there are soo cute some are corgis, labs, beagle, mixes, and a jack russel! they are soo cute! o and there are a couple cats that stay in the hay loft. um there are 3 ppl that ride there that used to and still do play wos. um caitlin is the first one, she moved but shes still a friend, she plays and she is Sail On, if you dont know. then Grace who used to be Gypsy, the mod gypsy, yes. Then there is dana, who used to be ice i think. Caitlin still plays but grace and dana dont anymore. ok i will stop talking! enj0y!

okies, well wally is a mustang/draft horse and he is about 14.1hh. he is a very sweet horse and he loves to smell things lol. He has been at Tipan-Hall for about a year and a half now and he has improved 150% he has been soo good! i've only ridden him once but all i can say is that he is very smooth! he is such a sweet heart and i love him to death! o yea and he IS the pony on the layout...thats not me on him...but at least its him!

now this is a notes section: 26375!

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