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Okay well Sierra and I decided that we should make this registry to try and save the breeds we love. Sierra loves the Holsteiner and is an active breeder and shower in that department, owning two of the best showers I know of.
I (Dusty) am an active breeder and shower of Cleveland Bays, a breed that is in great need. We are starting this double registry to try and save those two breeds in any way we can. this is not just any old 'Club' we are actually helping the breeds. Esquive, my Cleveland bay Stallion, was the highest ranked Stallion and best Cleveland bay on WOS, he was also Founded, unfortunately he reached the age of 25 and has had to be retired. He does however have 3 foals.
I (Sierra) own one very nice Holsteiner mare Sweet Decadence she isnt the highest rank or grade on the game but she is still young and a wonderful shower, I hope she will be able to help out this wonderful breed. We want to make a difference in the future of these breeds, and by becoming a member you are helping a great deal. Joining is of course absolutely free and you will then become a certified Cleveland bay/Holstein breeder. To join you do not have to have to own a CB/Holsteiner, we will found and find out all ways and such of the horse, then show it three times for you, and if you then like the horse you will be able to buy it for a small price. We sell horses only to members. Please feel free to Game Message us with any and all of your questions and get registered today! We promise it wont be a waste of you're time. Click here to email us

Cleveland Bay registry run by Dusty Stables
Holsteiner Registry run by Okie Girl

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Registered Members
# Member Name Member # Breeder or Owner Cleveland Bay or Holstein
#1 OkieGirl #9411/#18346 Breeder Holstein
#2 Dusty Stables #18346 Breeder Cleveland Bay
#3 DP #485 Breeder Cleveland Bay
#4 SF #7575 Owner Cleveland Bay
#5 Sail On #291 Breeder Cleveland Bay
#6 Phoenix #11352 Owner Cleveland Bay
#7 Windy #695 Breeder Cleveland Bay & Holstein
#8 River Legend #9653 Owner Cleveland Bay
#9 Elysium Arch Stables #2721 Owner Cleveland Bay & Holstein
#10 Rowey #5065 Owner Cleveland Bay
#11 Fuzz Pony #5712 Owner Cleveland Bay & Holstein
#12 Thoroughbred Gurl #13542 Owner Holsteiner
#13 AddyCado #3429 Breeder Holsteiner
#14 Twinklet #14895 Owner Cleveland Bay & Holstein
#15 Galloper #18368 Breeder Holsteiner
#16 Tornado #19823 Owner Cleveland Bay
#17 Starr #31815 Owner Cleveland Bay
#18 Dreami Pony #22950 Owner Cleveland Bay
#19 ZIM ZUM #5519 Owner Holstein
#20 Ms. Bea #12065 Breeder Cleveland Bay

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