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Konnichwa! My name is HiNATA<3... Well, that's acutally my nickname because you need not know my real name... I love horses a lot. I love the anime NARUTO! I became HYPER after watching NARUTO. I'm a fan of Lindsay Lohan, Dakota Fanning, Hikaru Utada and Ayumi Hamasaki. I like to draw and write my own stories and cartoons. I like to create my own websites and design them along with xangas [want a free xanga layout? click here].


I love horses but unfortunely i don't have my own so that's why i play this game and my own horse SIM game, Soaring Horses. My horses here are PRiNCESS, GALLANT PRiNCE, HANABi<3 and KONOHAMARU. They all are trained in dressage.

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