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Schöne Träume Stables
Hey this is Schöne Träume Stables, if anyone would be interested in doing a layout for me, I would be willing to pay a reasonable amount :) Gimme a shout if you are interested!

As you may have noticed that most of my horses are low grades, this means they are founded. I am not going to bred them when they are so low ranked! Please stop GMing me about it. I am not planning on breeding any of them until they are at least 18, preferably 20. If you want to bred to any of my horses, please read my journal.

Horse Breed Sex Event Style
BlackMoon Arabian Mare Pleasure 22132312
STParamnesia Saga Warlander Mare Eventing 04140210
Fortuns Passion Arabian Mare Halter 13312001
Fortuns Serenity Quarter Horse Mare Equitation 22441322
Fortuns Tranquility Arabian Mare Endurance
STÄpfel Warlander Mare Show Jumping 12321312
Dancing Daisy Australian Stockhorse Mare Eventing 13221232
Blindsided Welsh Pony Mare Pleasure 11101211
STNebel Warlander Mare Side Saddle 01120231
¤S¤ Lost Sun Arabian Stallion Endurance
STPhantasmagoric Legend Warlander Stallion Endurance 03343122
Fortuns Concupiscence Quarter Horse Stallion Cross Country
Magic of O' Lena Quarter Horse Stallion Eventing 13212322

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