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 NOTICE:  I am currently not open for any public sales or breedings.  I am tired of people demanding I breed for them a very high ranked foal, and only want me to give it to them. This account represents years of work, and it's not just for the taking for free. Sorry if this affects honest respectful players, but I'm no longer entertaining sales or breeding offers.


I'm Morby. Actually, I'm Morbid Reality. Why? Because I had a very EMO frame of mind when I was younger.I currently live in North Carolina with my son, Grayson, who is my life. For those of you who have never visited this state, I'll tell you ALL about it. It is the land of rednecks and red clay. The End.

Grayson, my beautiful baby boy.Dirt-Baby.Spaghettiface.Brushing his teeth.Sleepy!Mister HAPPEE.

THIS. Would be my son - Grayson Hunter. He's cuter than you. Get over it. xD


Hiya!  I'm Crickett.  Why?  Because Crickett was the name of my first horse, a 16 yo Anglo Arab eventer who was good enough to be shortlisted for the USET in 1980 but sadly his rider was a YEAR TOO YOUNG to make the team.  She developed an inner ear issue out of the blue and could no longer ride a year after that.  Her mom took lessons with my mom, and well.. They must have thought it was a decent match.  :-)I currently live in upstate NY, with my many ponies.  I always wanted a small herd, and now.. I have it.  :)  Frankly most days it feels like I run a daycare... hahaha!

Kara, my dutch warmblood.Guys Khan, Standardbred.Wesleys Prayer, aka WeaselRaina, bay LipizzanCK, previous owner riding.Raina and Dione, both lipizzans

These are some pictures of some of my horses. I have many many more, just ask. :)

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