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.About the Stable.
Welcome to Arabian Nights Breeding Center, where we raise and train quality Arabians!

Here at Arabian Nights, we pamper our horses, but also teach them to be the best champions they were born to be!

.About Me.
I live in a family of six, including my sheltand sheepdog, Missy. I have three younger sisters. I don't own any horses, but I plan to have at least two. I live in a desert basiclly, but the area around here is pretty green (though it is very hot in the summer). Thats about it, I hope you enjoy my page and feel free to gm me about horses, or anything. (except address, email, or phone number.)

Maclbee! !

.What I Breed.

.My Services.
I rescue neglected horses, vet, farrier, and feed them, then sell them for the price I bought them for.
I also make account pictures,(like mine!!) Here are the prices:
Easy: Just a solid colored background and words-$1,000
Intermediate: One picture, solid background, words, star, circle, or square with the color of your choice-$3,000
Hard: Two small pictures, two solid colors, words, two of the three shapes in any two colors-$4,500

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