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May 22, 2006 04:28:08 PM

When I first started playing WOS back last April, I couldn't get the hang of it what-so-ever! I was so confused and absolutly extactic when i got my first "Show".

After a while, I gave up and went to Horseland -Snooze-
I never forgot WOS and just came on once a week to collect my salery. One day, last September, i game back on again and for the first time EVER i went into WOS Chat room. I was so happy and the first week went so well. I quit Horseland and got my first horse which Sara named for me. Since then, my WOS population has been growing and i now own the best POAs and Highlands in the game.

Bubbles/Andrea: Bubs was my first ever friend that i made on WOS other than one of my other best internet friends Kate. I remember talking to Bubbles about when the chat party was going to start and from then on our friendship has been growing.
Bubbles has just recently quit because the game is time consuming but i would just like to say that in my opinion is the most lovly person you could ever know and you can talk to her about everything! (Even 23 year old men.) HAHA. Thanks so much Hunney, I will never forget you x

Elle: Elle is another friend that i have made and get on really well with. Her and Bubbles are friends in real life and i would love to meet them one day. She is such a great person and really mature and lovely. Thanks for being there hun and I luff ya x

Dusty: WOW, Marie, what a wonderful person! I really dont know what to say about her because she has such great qualities! She helped me a lot with my modding on SDN and also beats me on Minesweeper!!!! Grrr. I will bat her one day! Thanks hun, your Awesome.

Inky: HEHE I love Inky. Remember that oaul guy! HA. Anyway, i am running out of things to say about pople because they are all great but inky is really funny. I mainly talk to her on msn. :) Kep Smilin!

Rosiiiiiie : Ohh Rosie you lol smelly star! Me and rosi have so much fun on msn! LMAO xoxoxoxoxo I love her doggies and her note to her dad, that was so funny, you had to be there!

Everyone else! I love you all, i could write about so many other people like.... Lizby, Sunny, Mountain, Kelbeans, Sara, Kerry, Maps, Jade, Llama, Sappie, Leggy and loads loads more!!

Thanks for making WOS such a fun place to be xoxo

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