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Breeding Rules
November 6, 2016 11:11:35 PM

1. None of my horses are available until they are at least rank 50 and at least 20 years of age (although I may consider younger if you have a horse that's about to turn 25 and the breeding must happen).

2. Only horses from clean lines are allowed to breed to my horses. This means that horses with deceased, over bred or inbred lines have dirty lines and can therefore not be bred with my horses. There are no exceptions to this rule, so please do not whine, offer lots of money, or threatening me.

3. If you have horses in dying/poor shape in your stable I will NOT let you breed. If you can't be bothered to take care of your current horses you don't need another one that you won't take care of, (this rule does NOT include horses whose health percentages are low due to being shown a lot...just the ones with "dying" after their name or the vet and farrier are saying they're in bad shape).

4. You don't have horrible breeding practices. If your horses have more than 3 or 4 foals, you inbreed, you kill your lines on a regular basis to hide bad breeding practices, etc. I do NOT want to do business with you. I worked too hard on my horses to let you ruin them with your low breeding standards.

5. I prefer to be contacted over GM's, as they are the easiest to receive and reply to quickly.

6. You must include the word 'Darcy' as the subject of any GM's regarding breeding to prove you've read these rules.

7. If my horse is rank 50 to 100 your horse must be at LEAST rank 25, if my horse is rank 101 to 200 your horse must be at LEAST rank 50...if I ever have a horse over rank 200 your horse will be required to be over rank 100.

8. You must show your horses regularly, and they have to have a decent show record.

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