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My ethics
December 26, 2005 02:31:10 PM

A few months ago I decided I would concentrate on English Show Ponies, a rare breed with few high ranked ponies. I funded this by rescuing b circuit or above (non-inbred/overbred) horses to sell on. With the proceeds I founded my first two ESPs who I intend to show until they are over 20 and breed if their ranks are high enough.

I have also rescued several founded ESPs. Those over 10 years old with low ranks were put down, but younger ESPs have been shown and the good showers kept. I have also rescued some higher ranked founded ESPs which will be incorporated into my breeding scheme.

I rescue other breeds on this account, high ranked/clean lined ones are sold on to fund my EPSs and poor quality ones are retired.

I will not breed more than 3 times from any mare or Stallion and will only sell progency to trusted players so that the lines are kept clean.

Please read my breeding guidelines if you would like to breed with any of my ponies.

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