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Breeding Guidelines
December 26, 2005 02:48:34 PM

Although my ponies are fairly low ranked, they all have clean lines and I would like them to remain that way. For this reason I have some guidelines for anyone who would like to breed with one of my ponies

- All the horses on your account must be in at least fair condition and not dying

- You must state which horses you would like to breed - they must be of the same breed

- My ponies will only breed when they are over 20 years of age, although you can book them in advance. Each will only breed 3 times.

- Your horses must not have over bred or inbred lines

- My stud fees are not 50000000 (like it says) but gM me with the details of the horses you would like to breed and I will PM you back with a fee that I feel is appropriate at that time

- The horse you would like to breed must have a similar rank to the one you would like to breed to (usually within 20% - so if I have a rank 10 horse, anything between fank 8 and 12 could breed to it, but if it was rank 100, anything between rank 80 and 120 could breed to it). I will be flexible with this, especially with the lower ranks, so please ask.

- I have the right to refuse breeding to anyone, even if you comply with these guidelines. I am more likely to accept breedings with horses of members who are polite, don't use text speak in GMs and have been members for at least a few months (so that I can see that you are committed)

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