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What do I do special?
November 29, 2006 02:05:21 AM

Well, nothing really. I make sure my horses have a lifetime of rank 20 feed, they're boarded at a rank 10 blue ribbon stable for life, and the top tack and clothes.

Clothes: Rate Item

15 shirt
15 jacket
16 gloves
17 helmet
17 chaps
24 boots
24 breeches

Tack: Rate Item
5 English crop
15 bit
15 halter
16 girth
17 bridle
19 saddle pad
25 saddle

Now, the most important part is vetting, shoeing, grooming, tacking, and clothing all BEFORE going into shows. In real life you'd want to look your best... That's the way it is here on the game. :-)

I hope that I've helped you do your best on the game. GM me if you have any questions regarding showing.

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