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May 7, 2013 09:41:11 AM

Oh my gosh, I'm back again!

If you have been on WOSe for a few years, we may have crossed paths before. I have been on and off WOSe for at least 6years? I can't remember exactly.

I'm glad to be back and starting a line of Knabs. Previously I have started Spanish Mustangs, but gave them all up when I 'Quit' last time. This time will be different, I plan on staying with the game. To give myself the 20-30minutes after work to do what I want to do. Plus the social aspect of the chatroom is good for me as my partner works away alot. So normally its just me and the cats watching tv.. no social input at all!

I hope to chat/show/rescue/train/breed while I'm back this time. For a long time. See you around =]

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