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SALES: I no longer do public sales. All sales/auctions will be private. Please do not GM me and ask if I will sell a horse.

BREEDING: I don't usually do outside breedings but when I do, I ask that your horse is similar in age/rank. Typically, I will not breed before age 23. My extensive breeding rules can be found in my journal.

NOTES: None at ze moment!
UPDATES: July 26th, 2010 - Yes, I am alive. Just been busy with life! Been working on getting all the horses into specials. I really need to run some stable shows to help rank them up. Ugh. :)

ABOUT ME: I'm a 22 year old California girl that spends too much time on her computer. :) I've been on and off the game since it opened in 2001, and am now focusing on the rarer breeds of WOS. On this account, my main, I focus on Spanish-Normans, Hanoverians, Trakehners and Oldenburgs. Abstract Dunes (#9881), where I focus on Shagya Arabians and Akhal-Tekes. Inspiration Farms (#268) where I focus on Clydesdales. Lastly, I have a fourth account (#178) which I now use for my Kiger Mustangs. Links to these other accounts can be found in the table on ze right! :)

SERVICES: I do offer lessons on this account at $150/lesson. Please GM me if you request one, and keep in mind the results are automated. I no longer offer breeder services (unless in an emergency), however I do suggest using Crickett (#43332). I use her and have had nothing but great results. If for some reason she is unavailable, please GM me. I also personalize pictures/color line art on occasion. Please GM with the request and we can work out a price.

TO DO: 7/26 - Finish entering specials and run some stable shows.

C Circuit: 0 - 10
B Circuit: 11 - 25
A Circuit: 26 - 45
Grand Prix: 46 - 65
Olympic: 66 - 515
International: 516 & up

$0 < $100,000 - C
$100,000 < $300,000 - B
$300,000 < $500,000 - A
$500,000 < $1,000,000 - GP
$1,000,000 < $1,500,000 - O


* Abstract Dunes, #9881
[Shagya Arabians & Akhal-Tekes]

* Inspiration Farms, #268

* Lochinvar Stables, #178
[Kiger Mustangs]

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