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SALES: Sales and horses for auction will be updated here. As of now, I do not have any horses for sale or auction. Please do not GM me and ask if I will sell a horse.

BREEDING: Here at Abstract Dunes, we ask that your horse is similar in age/rank. Typically, we will not breed a mare or stallion before age 23. More extensive breeding rules can be found in our journal, here.

NEED HELP?: I've prepared a few basic tutorials for beginners who might need a little extra help. :]

* Clothes Ratings & Tips!
* Tack Ratings & Tips!
* Odds Chart & Settings
* How to Enter a Show
* WOS Help Wiki - everything about WOSe or WOSr you'd want to know! [opens in a new window]
UPDATES: July 22nd, 2011 - I haven't been around in awhile. Pop into chat here and again but... I'm considering coming back with a focus on Shagya Arabians (as per usual).


SERVICES: I do offer lessons on account #78 at $150/lesson. Please GM me there if you request one, and keep in mind the results are automated. I no longer offer breeder services (unless in an emergency), however I do suggest using Crickett (#43332). I use her and have had nothing but great results. If for some reason she is unavailable, please GM me on account #78. I also personalize pictures/color line art on occasion. Please GM with the request and we can work out a price.

Examples can be seen here: deviantART <3 [opens in a new window]


C Circuit: 1 - 2
B Circuit: 3 - 10
A Circuit: 11 - 20
Grand Prix: 21 - 35
Olympic: 36+

$0 < $100,000 - C
$100,000 < $300,000 - B
$300,000 < $500,000 - A
$500,000 < $1,000,000 - GP
$1,000,000 < $1,500,000 - O


* Main Account, #78
[Hanoverians & Warlanders]

* Inspiration Farms, #268
[Show Account/Spare]

* Lochinvar Stables, #178
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