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Jackie's Journal

Breeding Rules
June 11, 2010 12:37:03 PM

Please take these rules into consideration when GMing me regarding a breeding. If your horse does not fit the criteria listed below, don't waste your time, or mine. If you aren't sure, then go ahead and GM me.

1.) No Inbred/Overbred/Deceased lined horses will be allowed to breed to either a Mare or Stallion of mine. I consider Stallions with over 5 foals and Mares with over 4 foals overbred. Inbred is self explanatory. I will check. (UPDATE: I MAY consider horses with Deceased lines for a higher breeding fee than normal, however this is at my discretion.)

2.) I do not have a set fee for my horses, as it is determined on the criteria of my horse at the time of breeding, as well as that of your horse. Fee can be negotiated.

3.) Your horse must have some form of show record. Preferably, it should be in at least 75 shows, both dailies and stable shows, by the time it is 20.

4.) Regardless whether my horse is lined or founded, your lined horse must have a minimum of rank 50, and a founded horse needs a minimum of rank 30. (This depends on age/circumstance in the case of an emergency.)

5.) I prefer to not breed before age 20. If there is an underlying circumstance that deems it necessary, please GM me and we will discuss.

TO BREED: GM me with the name of horse you want to breed to and which horse of yours you want to breed to it. If everything is okay and you've followed the rules, I'll let you breed. REMEMBER: Your booking will be reserved until you decide to go through with it. I will remind you once. HOWEVER: If it is not done within 4 days of the horse retiring, unless previously negotiated, it will be given to someone else.

If you have any questions regarding breedings, feel free to GM me.

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