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WOS Hacks: Save Money on Vet and Farrier
June 15, 2009 01:07:08 PM

Save Money on Vet and Farrier Bills

Sometimes money can be tight, and one of the easiest ways to save money is by reducing your vet and farrier cost. The #1 way to save money at the vet is don't use health tonics! Unless you can afford them, don't use health tonics unless absolutely necessary. If you can't afford them even then, try showing your horse less, or just giving it a day off to get it's health back up.

Another way to save money at the vet and farrier is by not overpaying. Why use the $1000 full examination at the vet if all they need is to be dewormed?

How do you know what your horse needs?

Horses vet and farrier status is shown on your account page in the form of a percent. Each treatment at the vet or farrier will increase that percent by a certain amount. Before you go to vet and farrier your horse, take note of what percent they're each at, and use the cheapest treatment necessary to get your horse's health up to 100%. Below is a list of each treatment item, what it costs, and how much it improves the health by.




Health Improvement

Early Retirement



WARNING! This will delete your horse from the game!




Regular Shots



Quick Lookover






Complete Physical



Health Tonic


$0% vet (restores health to highest value, usually 78%)




Farrier Improvement

Nail Check



Feet Check



Two Back Hooves Shod



Two Front Hooves Shod



All Four Hooves Shod



Still having trouble making money? Check your back statistics to see what areas could use improvement!

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